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Will you join the Student Council?

Student Council members play an important role at VUB. They join the most important meetings, such as the academic council and the university council, and weigh in on decisions made by the rector, deans and VUB staff.

Want to join the Student Council? Great idea! ย Not only will it benefit your university, but also yourself!. You are certain to learn things like meeting skills, time management, networking, making statements and defending viewpoints. All useful experiences for your future career and life. Applications can be submitted in February 2023 before the student election period.

All about the Student Council

What's in it for you?
  • A unique learning process in terms of meeting skills, time management, teamwork...
  • The opportunity to develop a network within the university.
  • The chance to build friendships for life.
  • An official certificate of student governor signed by the Vice Rector of Education & Student Affairs, which looks very nice on your resume.
Support for student representatives

As a student representative you're not on your own. We support you on different levels:

  • Job students are available to arrange practical work and prepare files with research for example.
  • Coaching and support from the vice rectorate.
  • Opportunity to receive a scholarship for student representatives, which is โ‚ฌ 500 per year. More info about this external scholarship.

Vote for your favorite candidate!

The Student Council changes every academic year. In the spring, all VUB students elect their student representatives for the next academic year. Follow the elections as they happen via the Facebookย and Instagram.

Voting will be possible during the announced voting period in the spring.

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Questions or concerns?

Any questions about the procedure? Or do you have some doubts about applying as a candidate? Not sure if you can vote? The Council secretariat is here to help!

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Council Secretariatย 
+32 2 629 21 57ย ย

VUB Main Campus (Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Elsene), Building M.501ย  ย ย