Preparation is everything

Out together, home together

It is not only more fun to go out with friends, but also safer. Look out for each other! Meet at a fixed place where you can find each other again. Keep each other informed when you go out for a while alone or with another person. Don't let each other down.

Stick to the house rules

House rules are there to help you. Regarding other visitors, do not show behavior that you would not like yourself.

Start the evening rested

It is best to be well rested if you want to party well. Make sure you can recuperate sufficiently after the party. This is not only necessary for your body, your mind can also use that recuperation time.


24/7 security

Feeling unwell or unsafe? Afraid to return to your room alone or with your fellow students? Or noticed something suspicious? If so, call security. They are on hand 24/7 to ensure safety on campus.

Speed dial

Put the telephone number for security in your phone, so you don’t have to look for it when you need it. Install the 112 app on your smartphone. With a click of the icon you will be connected to the police/fire/ambulance. The 112 operator can also see where you are (if your location switched on).

While partying

Pause, refresh, and stay hydrated

It can get pretty hot at parties. If you dance for hours, whether or not in combination with substance use, your body temperature can get high and you run the risk of dehydration. Take regular breaks, e.g. in the cool down zone, while going out. Not using drugs is the safest choice in any case!

The following signals indicate you need water: headache, dizziness, sudden fatigue and faintness. Do not ignore these signs. Drink 1-2 glasses of water per hour to maintain your fluid balance.

Leave mixing to the DJ

Combo use is combining two or more drugs during the same occasion.

People combine drugs (different types of drugs or drugs and alcohol, ...) without realizing it. The effects influence each other with unpredictable results on your body and functioning. With that, the risks of overheating, cardiac arrhythmias, dehydration symptoms, anxiety attacks, ... also increase.

What to do when things go wrong?

Do you feel nauseous, dizzy, confused, anxious,... ? Stay calm and find a quiet room or go outside. Do you notice a friend, girlfriend, ... going wrong? Try to keep in touch and reassure this person. Can't manage on your own anymore? Call for help from the organizers or security, go to the first aid post or call 112. 

Consent is sexy

No is no, only yes is a go. Alcohol and drugs take away your inhibitions and sometimes blur your boundaries. But this should not be an excuse to cross the boundaries of others or yourself. Saying no is allowed and should be. You set your own limits.

Safely home

After a party, you obviously need to get home. Alcohol, drugs or fatigue are not the best counsellor - they affect your responsiveness and concentration. Don’t hesitate to go by taxi if you are too drunk to walk or cycle home. It’s not too expensive, especially when shared among friends.

If you order a taxi/collecto/Uber, ask the driver if he knows your name before you get in. That way you are certain that the taxi is the one you ordered. If the driver wants to check that you are the person who booked the journey, ask him to confirm your first name and reply with your surname.

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