Project resources

If you want to launch an activity or a new initiative for VUB students, you can request project resources here. The Student Council will jointly determine which students or associations are eligible.

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VUB is happy to support events which enhance the university's spirit of internationalism. If you are pitching your event at an international student audience, you will qualify for funding.ย 

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Support for sports activitiesย 

Intending to organise a sports activity? Then you should definitely apply for a UAB sports subsidy. The purpose of these subsidies is to create a thriving and diverse sports offering for all students at VUB and Erasmus College Brussel.

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External VGC support

The Flemish Community Commission offers many options for students (and student associations) in support of their initiatives:ย Kom uit je kot!,ย Bruss-itย and A-fondsย are the most accessible. Theย Paspartoe passย for associations is also attractive to recognised student associations.