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VUB Student organisations

The VUB was created through the need for a university that would carry out critical research and not be subject to dogma. Free research is therefore an inseparable part of our university and you will find that in our academic circles and in their folklore. Saint-VΓ©, caps, Baptism, cantuses, TD's and a Humanistic Singing Festival: VUB’s traditions tell a strong story. And provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Regional student organisations

Recognised student organisations per region


For anyone who is proud of his roots, who does not want to lose the feeling of his/her hometown or who is in Brussels but would like to speak his/her local dialect.

*These are baptising organisations 

Student organisations per faculty

Recognised student organisations per study programme

Under this section, you can find both student-focused faculty organisations and more student-oriented student organisations. Faculty organisations can easily be reached by clicking on the links below. Although most of them are in Dutch, they still welcome English speaking students!

Economic and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School
Medicine and Pharmacy
Physical Education and Physiotherapy
Languages and Humanities
Psychology and Educational Sciences
Law and Criminology
Sciences and Bioengineering Sciences

*These are baptising organisations 

Student organisations based on interest

Recognised student organisations per interest


All these student organisations originate from a particular hobby, interest or thought.

Politics & activism
Music, game & leisure
Student folklore
Internationalisation and diversity

*These are baptising organisations 

Student organisations for international students

Recognised student organisations for internationals


For international students at VUB, there are special organisations addressing their needs and experiences as well as providing opportunities for self-development.  

International student organisations

*These are baptising organisations 

Want to join?

New students wanting to join a student organisation can do so voluntarily. If you are under 18 however, you will need permission from your parents for some activities. You can obtain the required form from your organisation, as well as all information about membership and activities.

Complaints about one of the student activities?

bsggtgv@vub.be feedback@vub.be

Sui Generis student organisations

VUB student life has it's own traditions. There are 3 organisations safeguarding those, independantly from eachother, with subsidies from the school. That's why these organisations are called 'sui generis' in our Student Life Codex.

Study group 'Vrij onderzoek'

Study group Vrij Onderzoek cherishes and challenges one of the basic principles of the VUB: free inquiry. This stands for the genuine willingness to abandon any philosophical or moral stance for something new and better, as long as compelling rational arguments have been established for this.

They organise activities such as lectures and debates, focused on the principle of free inquiry. Every VUB student is welcome!

Concreet organiseert deze organisatie activiteiten zoals lezingen en debatten, waarin het principe van het vrije onderzoek centraal staat. Elke VUB-student is welkom!


During the academic year, they meet every Monday evening at 08:00PM, followed by free discussion and general pleasant get-together.


X5.006, VUB Main Campus (Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Etterbeek)


Website stkvo@vub.be Facebook

Brussels student organisation 'Geen Taal, Geen Vrijheid'

The student organisation BSG (Brussels Studenten Genootschap) is the coordinating organ of student societies.

It represents the VUB societies vis-a-vis the academic government and improves a smooth two-way communication with the university. BSG is also in charge of the distribution of subventions, decided by the student council. They manage several facilities (including the BSG student party hall) to support the student organisations of VUB en organise some major student folklore events (including Saint-VΓ©, Humanistic Singing Festival, mass cantus, opening TD, end of year TD).

Would you like to set up an organisation or have an existing organisation approved? This is also done via the BSG. The conditions for approval can be found in the Student Life Codex. You can find a summary of all the BSG activities and services on the BSG website.


Website bsggtgv@vub.be Facebook

VUB Main Campus, Pleinlaan 2 bus BSG, 1050 Etterbeek

Studententijdschrift 'de Moeial'

Student magazine de Moeial is distributed for free every month across the VUB Main and VUB Health Campus. You can also read the articles online. The magazine is only available in Dutch.

The editing team consists entirely of student volunteers and they are always seeking new members to join the team. Itching to put pen to paper? Inspired by what is going on in and around our university? Or do you want to find out how a magazine is put together from A to Z and contribute to it? Come along to the weekly editorial meeting, every Wednesday at 7 PM in the editorial room.


Website redactie@demoeial.be Facebook

VUB Main Campus (Pleinlaan 2, X5.001, 1050 Etterbeek)

Overkoepelende studentendienst

OSD vzw or Overkoepelende Studentendienst vzw is an organiszation for and by fellow students. OSD vzw focuses on supporting two target groups: VUB students and VUB organizations.

The OSD vzw was established with the original aim of making knowledge and information accessible to students at the VUB. In the first phase, the various study materials were united, and even today, cursusdienst.net remains one of the main activities. Students can print cheap summaries, readers, slides, etc. via this platform. Students can also buy and sell second-hand books through VUBooks.

They also offer many other forms of student support!


Website  osd@vub.be

VUB Main Campus (Pleinlaan 2, building B, 1050 Etterbeek)