Teaching and examination regulations

Students who enrol at VUB, agree to the teaching and examination regulations. The University's central teaching and examination regulations constitute the backbone upon which all aspects of education and evaluation are organised. It is the central academic book of rules.


The teaching and examination regulations apply to the following programmes organised by the VUB:

  • Bachelor's programmes
  • Master's programmes (including advanced masters)
  • Preparatory and bridging programmes
  • Postgraduate programmes and the teacher training programme

Faculty additions to the teaching and examination regulations

Faculties can make additions to the central teaching and examination regulations, usually adding details on practical matters such as deadlines, filling in forms, doing internships, etc.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI tools within our education system must be in accordance with a set of general guidelines at all times. 

Check the guidelines

VUB organisation

The VUB is a large institution. You can find more information on the organisation and structure of our university in the regulations below:

PhD regulations and forms

For PhD students there are also central regulations with additions from each individual faculty. Only the Dutch versions of the regulations are considered legally binding. Thus, you are advised to check the dates on which the English and Dutch versions were last modified.

Student representation

The Student Council is the central body for student representation at VUB. It defends students' interests and represents their voice in several university councils. The Council for Student Services (Stuvoraad) is also entirely run by students.

Campus life

VUB is more than just studying. Below you can find the various regulations regarding student life on our campuses:

External regulations

External regulations that have an impact on the workings of the VUB: