VUB insurance

Insured as a student

There are a few things you are automatically covered for as a student at VUB:

  • Physical accidents
    • on campus
    • on your way to and from campus
    • during an internship (abroad)
  • Extra-contractual civil liability (damage to third parties)
Request insurance

There's additionanal insurance you can request from our insurance department:

  • Legally required insurance for no-fault civil liability regarding experiments on humans
  • Insurance when you travel abroad
  • Etc.

More info or report an accident?
To the insurance portal

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Health insurance foreign students

Please find info and contact information here

Insurance department (not for Health Insurance)
Natasja Van den Brande (not for Health Insurance)
+ 32 2 629 20 19 

Saskia Michielsen (not for Health Insurance)  
+32 2 629 22 44

Health insurance (foreign students)

Foreign students wanting to erol at VUB or want to request a Belgian ID card, need health insurance. Depending on your nationality, there are different guidelines:


are covered by the state health insurance system in your home country for the duration of your studies, on the condition that you bring your European Insurance Card. If you need treatment during your stay, you will pay the bills in Belgium and claim the refunds in your home country.

non-EEA students from countries with agreements

are covered by their home country during their stay. Contact the national social security website for more information on this.

students from other countries

have to get their own health insurance upon arrival in Belgium.

Regardless of nationality, any student can arrange for Belgian health care upon arrival in Belgium. The International Office assists students in subscribing with the Belgian state health insurance system. One of Belgium's main health insurance providers, Partena, is present at the International Office on certain days.

General info on health insurance
for students living in Brussels
for students living in Flanders 
for students with an SIP insurance and blocked account

General info on medical care in Belgium

Contact health insurance

For availability of Partena at VUB, general questions about your health insurance, requesting refunds,...

Contact the International office

Partena is present at the International Office on some days

Check the opening hours!