Our International Relations team provides guidance, support and advice to students and staff at VUB, as well as newly arrived international students. Our colleagues work on a variety of European and international projects. They can advise on scholarships for incoming and outgoing student and staff mobility, attract new students from abroad, provide guidance to VUB students and staff going abroad, and give specific support to refugee students and scholars at risk.

A Partena representative helps out our international students with their healthcare insurance. They are in our office every Tuesday and Thursday. Contact vub@healthinsurance.be 

For general questions you can contact us by email international.relations@vub.be or telephone +32(0)2 614 8101. Please contact the below for specific questions related to: 

Blocked account status, contact blocked.account@vub.be 

Exchange, contact exchange.incoming@vub.be / exchange.outgoing@vub.be

University Development Cooperation, contact development.cooperation@vub.be

Student Refugee Programme, contact refugee@vub.be + 32(0)2 614 8205

ALEF (Arabic language classes), contact sami.azar@vub.be

CSC Scholarships, contact xiaohong.tong@vub.be

Brussels Diplomatic Academy, contact cmackenz@vub.be or bda@vub.be

International student recruitment, contact prospective.students@vub.be

EU projects, contact erasmusprojects@vub.be

Tuition fees, enrolment, etc, contact studentadministration@vub.be

Course registration, timetables, (online) classes, etc, contact your programme coordinator or faculty office 

International Relations Office
Pleinlaan 5
1050 Elsene

Opening hours:

The international welcome desk is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00-12:30 & 13:30-16:00; closed on Wednesdays. 

Our office will be closed on Friday 10 May. You can still contact us via email. 

A partena healthcare insurance representative will be in our office every Tuesday and Thursday.