What does ISP do?

The International Student Platform is an advisory committee consisting of a maximum of 12 members, who are registered as (guest) students of VUB. They inform the Student Council and the Student Services Council on issues that are important to international students, to enable a discussion of how they can be dealt with by VUB. Examples are:

  • Language courses
  • Housing
  • Sports facilities
  • Diploma award celebrations
  • and much more!


Because the ISP advises the Student Council, the meetings are usually timed with the meetings of the Student Council, which are scheduled twice a month. The ISP checks the agenda for every meeting of the Student Council. If the ISP finds that action is required on a specific item, the members of that platform will raise it. You can find the meeting calendar of the Student Council here.


Because the ISP works in close partnership with the Student Council and VUB’s international services, 2 members of the Student Council or Student Services Council, 1 member of the Student Policy Department and 1 member of the International Office also participate in the meetings of ISP. They have an advisory role and help to answer any questions.

Furthermore, the International Office helps with the practical organisation of the meetings: it makes a room available and supports the ISP in its operation, including in the preparation of meetings, support for the chairperson and follow-ups.

Who does what?

The ISP is a horizontal organisation: all members are equal and are considered to play an active role in one way or another. In practice this means that the members of the ISP often work in small teams on specific issues for which they have the greatest sensitivity.

For practical reasons there is a chairperson (responsible for the partnership with the International Office and the general operation of the ISP, a Student Council liaison (the first point of contact for and ISP representative to the Student Council) and a secretary (responsible for administration and notes).


ISP members 2023 - 2024

  • Cahill Margo
  • Cameron Miriam
  • Celaj Kiara
  • Chengping Xia
  • Corley Madeleine
  • Covaci Claudia (Chair)
  • Dayes Amber (Vice Chair Administration)
  • Hassan Habib
  • Kee En Xin Alyssa
  • Khan Mulazim Abbas (Vice Chair Student Policy)
  • Klimov Kirill (Vice Chair Projects)
  • Mohammadi Seyed Hossein
  • Rizzi Daldos Marielena (Vice Chair Engagement)
  • Saltouridou Evangelia (Vice Chair Communication)
  • Traciuc Igor

Become a member of ISP

Want to make a difference for guest students at VUB? Join the ISP! International students can put themselves forward as candidates at the beginning of the first and second semesters. Every September, the International Relations Office (IRMO) assesses your motivation in a selection interview and then selects 12 members for the International Student Platform. If there are more candidates than places, you can be placed on the reserve list as a successor or substitute to replace less active members.

Applications are currently closed.

What to expect?

The ISP meets twice every month and its members are expected to be present. During these meetings you have the opportunity to provide input on what should be improved at our university.

In return you make new friends, develop valuable skills for your future career and get the opportunity to bring about changes that are positive for yourself and your fellow students.

Feedback or questions?

Please contact us with any questions you have as an international student at VUB.

isp@vub.be Facebook Twitter  @ISPVUB Instagram