What does the Student Council do?

The student council is involved in making university policy. That’s why the members of the Student Council are included in the governing bodies of VUB: the Executive Board, the Academic Council, the University Council, etc. The university also takes advice from the Student Council on each new policy proposition (e.g. the general strategy, the student services policy, etc.).

The Student Council also defends the interests of students at the university. In a review of the educational and examination regulations, for example, the Student Council ensured that the exam schedules were released earlier, or that only 50% of the study period could be used for exams. The Student Council makes the university aware of the specific situation or needs of students,  such as when reviewing allocation criteria for housing. 

The Student Council represents the voices of all VUB students. They regularly survey the student community. The results of a recent online survey provided many insights into the needs and wishes of VUB students. The Student Council argued that the student restaurant on the VUB Main Campus should open in the evenings, for example, because the survey had highlighted considerable demand for this, and the request was accepted. The Student Council also organises face-to-face surveys on the Esplanade, polling your opinions on subjects such as the revision of the academic calendar or the introduction of calibration tests. They package this input into recommendations, which are passed on to the university’s board.

The Student Council defends the interests of VUB students externally. For example the MIVB (public transportation) has introduced a night bus every Thursday evening connecting the VUB main campus in Etterbeek and Brussels city centre at the request of the Student Council. When Flemish Minister of Education Hilde Crevits was pushing for a Flemish initiation charter, the Student Council members stood up for the folklore of student life at VUB during the discussions with the cabinet. Finally, the Student Council is also a member of Flemish Student Association (VVS).

Finally, the Student Council presents the university with specific solutions to enable them to meet the needs and wishes of VUB students. Some examples: The BBQ areas installed on the campuses, the organisation of a graduation ceremony for international students at the beginning of the summer vacation, and free earplugs handed out at every student party.



You will find the policy plan and the viewpoints of the Student Council during the academic year here:

Policy plan 2023-2024


Twenty members represent the entire student community, elected in one constituency. For the faculties, except Medicine and Pharmacy, the candidate who obtained the most votes within that faculty, regardless of his ranking among all the candidates, is elected. For the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, the two candidates who obtained the most votes within that faculty, regardless of their ranking among all the candidates, are elected. The remaining mandates are filled, irrespective of the faculties, by the candidates with the most votes.

Members 2023-2024
  • Diewert G. Seynaeve (GF): chair student council
  • Mariem Negrouz (PE): vice president
  • Riham Bounouh (RC): coordinator of education
  • Khadija Tahir (ES): coordinator student services
  • Bob Stoops (LW): coordinator innovation
  • Mila Todorof (PE)
  • Sanae Chioua (PE)
  • Khatera Hamid (PE)
  • Lisa Boyon (ES)
  • Raneem Sadaky (ES)
  • Yumeng Bian (ES)
  • Diane Mboungou (RC)
  • Imrane Boumeriem (ES)
  • Lara Said (RC)
  • Safouane Bouyghjdane (ES)
  • Hannah Winters (RC)
  • Basile Pieter K Van Weyenberg (WE)
  • Ann-Sophie Ina E Verbeek (RC)
  • Raneem Sadaky (ES)
  • Anouk Van Aken (ES)
  • Sasha Solau (ES)
Elected members 2024-2025
  • Helena Verspagen (ES)
  • Pedro Elejabeitia Velu (IR)
  • Esmeralda Gjonlulaj (RC)
  • Mariem Negrouz (PE)
  • Jarid Jacob (IR)
  • Bob Stoops (LW)
  • Khatera Hamid (PE)
  • Wout Vanhelden (PE)
  • Yngwie Derycker (GF)
  • Helena Anastasia M Legier (IR)
  • Sana Sadat Mohammad Rafiei Nazari (GF)
  • Diewert Geert Seynaeve (GF)
  • Kim Florence Gutierrez (LW)
  • Theo De Pillecyn (ES)
  • Marthe Van Theemsche (ES)
  • Riham Bounouh (RC) 
  • Anastasiia Bolotova (ES)
  • Mila Todorof (PE) 
  • Luca Valentijn Spiessens (GF) 
  • Leon Jos Bauweraerts (WE)

Runner up
Hemanth Balaji (IR)

It is possible to appeal the voting procedure until Friday 26 April (4PM) via studentenverkiezingen@vub.be.


The Student Council is elected every year. In the spring, all VUB students choose their representatives by voting. Want to apply to be a candidate?

All about the Student Council Elections


As a VUB student you can attend the meetings of the Student Council, view the meeting reports and add agenda items yourself.

Join a meeting

Via the Student Council Sharepoint you can review the agenda and authorised meeting reports. Log in with your VUB-account. The agenda is available 1 week before the meeting is planned. 


  • Tuesday, October 3, 10 AM - 1 PM ( VUB Main Campus)
  • Monday 23 October, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM (VUB Main Campus)
  • Thursday 23 November, 10 AM - 1 PM (VUB Health Campus)
  • Wednesday 20 December, 4 PM - 7 PM (VUB Main Campus)
  • Monday, February 26, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM (VUB Main Campus)
  • Wednesday 27 March, 4 PM - 7 PM (VUB Health Campus)
  • Thursday 2 May, 10 AM - 1 PM (installation meeting part I) (VUB Main Campus)
  • Monday 6 May, 4 PM - 7 PM (installation meeting part II) (VUB Main Campus)
  • Wednesday, May 8, 2 PM - 5 PM (recognition applications)(VUB Main Campus)
  • Wednesday 15 May, 3 PM - 6 PM (VUB Main Campus)
  • Friday, July 5, 2 PM - 5 PM (VUB Main Campus)
  • Friday 13 September, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM (VUB Main Campus)

Reports of past meetings

Agenda for the next meeting

Submit your own agenda item

Every student can add their own agenda items for discussion at the Student Council.

You can sumbit agenda items via this template to the secretary of the Student Council via studentenraad.stuvoraad@vub.be. Should you need it, you can get help or advice from the secretary or members of the Student Council. The deadlines to submit agenda items is 2 weeks before every plenary meeting.

An agenda consultation takes place 14 days prior to each plenary Student Council meeting. At least the chairperson and secretary are present, to assess the agenda items for content, clarity, completeness and so on.

Supporting student life

Financial support

The Student Council awards annual subsidies to recognised student organisations through the BSG gtgv. The Student Council may also support initiatives by students or organisations through project resources.

The purpose of these project resources is to support new projects that: 

  • expand the range of relaxation opportunities and informative activities for VUB students
  • are innovative or ambitious in nature
  • promote the image of the VUB or Brussels as a student city
  • enhance the welfare of students and their connections across existing networks


Want to request project resources for an activity? These are processed twice a year, so if you miss one of the deadlines, your request will be processed after the next deadline

  • 20 November
  • 1 April 


The regulations on project subsidies can be found in the Student Living Codex.

Communication support

When organising projects or events, students and student organisations can also get help with their organisation and communication.

Organise a VUB event  Communication channels  Regulations