Currently under construction, soon a bustling city district

For decades, the corner of Kroonlaan and Generaal Jacqueslaan in Elsene consisted of two walls of about 200 metres long. The large complex behind it was hidden from view. With the purchase by the Brussels-Capital Region and the granting of a long lease to the VUB and the ULB, the site will be an open, diverse and lively, urban and cozy, university and international, sustainable and innovative district by the end of 2028. With the removal of the wall along Kroonlaan, the site has already been opened up, which makes the character and appearance of the section on that side a lot more attractive.

What's already here and what's to come

Currently, the VUB Usquare Campus already houses the FabLab and the co-working space of Start.Lab. On the Generaal Jacqueslaan side will be the university facilities: the Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies, a Centre for Research in Urban Studies, Sustainability Sciences and Environmental Transformation, an International Reception Centre providing services to students, researchers and professors coming from or travelling to other countries, and a Citizen and Participative Science space. In the barracks’ old Riding School will be a facility aimed at sustainable food.

2022_Ruimtelijk zicht FabLab_VUB

Work in progress

The development and transformation of the former Fritz Toussaint barracks into the VUB Usquare Campus is a long-term project. It therefore happens in different phases. Currently, following works are in progress:

  • To early 2024: restoration and development of buildings that will house university and shared facilities.

  • From 2023: gradual development of public spaces on the site.

  • From 2025: completion of 33 renovated family housing units at the former Clos des Mariés.

  • By 2028: renovation and construction work to accommodate student housing and the rest of the family housing, as well as local facilities.

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The VUB Usquare Campus is located 200 meters from the VUB Main Campus. As long as the works on the VUB Usquare Campus are in progress, researchers, students and visitors can use the VUB Main Campus facilities.

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Mobility and accessibility

In time, an underground car park will be built on the VUB Usquare Campus. It is currently not possible to park on campus. The VUB Usquare Campus is just as easy to reach by bike, bus, tram, metro, train and car as our VUB Main Campus.

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An open campus for all

As VUB, we swear by values such as openness and connectedness. Our campuses are therefore freely accessible to our students, staff and visitors. In this way we emphasise our open character as a free university and at the same time strengthen our bond with the city of Brussels and its residents. As everywhere in public spaces, certain rules do apply – this way campus life remains pleasant for everyone.

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