Rules and regulations on our campus

Several rules and regulations apply when visiting our campuses. Read our parking regulations and room hire regulations.

Our open campuses

The VUB is open, and you can take that literally. Our 'open campus concept' merges VUB campuses with the city in a natural flow. Visitors can use our outdoor infrastructure, or our specific services for visitors, such as our sports, culture, catering or library infrastructure.

Campus access

Access by car is via barriers. See Access and directions by car.

Access control is in force on the VUB Main Campus and the VUB Health Campus. This means that after closing times you will only be able to open the doors with a staff card. Buildings are opened and closed depending on the activity taking place. Do you absolutely have to be in a certain building, but it turns out to be closed? Then contact Security.

When using the premises, the Room hire regulations apply.


Parking regulations with tow-away regulations apply on campus: make sure you park your car correctly! Do you have questions related to access management? Please contact us.

The same parking regulations apply on both the VUB Main Campus and the VUB Health Campus. A few points to bear in mind: 

  • As a user of our road and parking facilities you give your formal agreement to abide by the Highway Code and parking regulations.
  • You may only park in designated and marked parking spaces.
  • You are aware of the forms of improper parking described in the regulations.
  • Vehicles parked improperly and causing serious inconvenience will be towed.
  • Vehicles parked improperly but not causing serious inconvenience will be given a warning. Vehicles receiving a second warning in any one academic year will be towed.
  • Cars may be parked for no more than 1 month at any one time.
  • Access badges must be used correctly and in accordance with the regulations.
  • Bicycles may be parked up for no longer than 3 months at a time. Bicycles left beyond that period are considered abandoned and will be impounded for 3 months. They are then taken for recycling.