Mobility, accessibility, and parking

The VUB Usquare Campus is located within walking distance from Etterbeek train station and is also easily accessible by bike, bus, metro and/or car. You can reach the centre of Brussels, the capital of Europe, in less than 20 minutes by public transport.

Directions to the campus

By bike

  • In Brussels, it’s easy to get around by bike. Plan your cycling route on or
  • There are several Villo! stations around the campus, where you can hire a bike. Other bike rental and sharing systems are available in Brussels.
  • As long as the construction works on the VUB Usquare Campus are in progress, you can find bicycle sheds at the VUB Main Campus. Staff and students can use the locked parking spaces. VUB also provides the possibility to repair your bike.

Directions to the campus

By train

Etterbeek station is diagonally across the campus. By the way, did you know that there are 2 trains per hour between Brussels Airport and Etterbeek station? In barely 25 minutes you are at your destination.

Plan your journey to VUB with the SNCB route planner.

Directions to the campus

By metro
  • Metro stations Delta and Petillon (line 5) are within walking distance of the VUB Usquare Campus.
By tram
  • Tram lines 7 and 25 stop closeby.
By bus
  • Take MIVB line 95 until Etterbeek Station stop.
  • Take MIVB line 71 until Elsene Cemetary station or Delta station.
  • Take De Lijn 341, 343, 348 or 349 lines to Etterbeek Station.

Plan your journey to VUB with theβ€―SNCB routeplanner, mivb.beβ€―orβ€―

Directions to the campus

By car

Currently, the VUB Usquare Campus is not accessible for cars. Visitors and suppliers by car are therefore advised to drive to the VUB Main Campus, which they can access via entrance 6 on Triomflaan.

Driving and parking on the VUB Main campus

There is a barrier access system. Registrer your licence plate in advance for access to the campus.

The Highway Code applies to all road users on our campus. If an action is prohibited or compulsory on the public highway, it will be prohibited or compulsory on campus. The signs and road markings are the same. Keep the 30 km/h speed limit.

The campus is governed by the highway code and a parking regulation with a tow-away policy, so make sure you park your car correctly! A few points to bear in mind: 

  • As a user of our road and parking facilities you give your formal agreement to abide by the Highway Code and parking regulations.
  • You may only park in designated and marked parking spaces.
  • You are aware of the forms of improper parking described in the regulations.
  • Vehicles parked improperly and causing serious inconvenience will be towed.
  • Vehicles parked improperly but not causing serious inconvenience will be given a warning. Vehicles receiving a second warning in any one academic year will be towed.
  • Cars may be parked for no more than 1 month at any one time.
  • Access badges must be used correctly and in accordance with the regulations.
  • Bicycles may be parked up for no longer than 3 months at a time. Bicycles left beyond that period are considered abandoned and will be impounded for 3 months. They are then taken for recycling.

Any further questions on access control? Contact us.

Opening hours for buildings and car parks

There are no fixed opening hours for the buildings. On the VUB Main campus, Security begins the hour-long opening round at 6 a.m. on weekdays. Buildings open and close depending on the activity taking place, e.g., opening hours for services, events... Usually, classes are given on weekdays until 10 p.m.

The car parks on the VUB Main Campus usually open at 6:30 a.m. on weekdays. Car park M closes for cars at 6:00 p.m. Car parks F, G, B, C, and Q stay open to 8:30 p.m.; car park K to midnight. You can get to your car and drive away at any time using the button by the gate.

Do you really have to be in a building, but it appears to be closed? Contact security.

Low Emission Zone

The VUB Usquare Campus is located in the low emission zone (LEZ) of the Brussels Capital Region (BCR). If you come by car, check here whether your vehicle is allowed to drive in the LEZ. Your vehicle doesn’t meet the access criteria for the LEZ? Then you can buy a day pass to enter the BCR. Vehicles registered abroad must register for the LEZ unless they are registered in the Netherlands. You can buy a day pass or register a foreign vehicle either before entering the LEZ or until midnight the day after.

More info on the LEZ

An open campus for all

As VUB, we swear by values such as openness and connectedness. Our campuses are therefore freely accessible to our students, staff and visitors. In this way we emphasise our open character as a free university and at the same time strengthen our bond with the city of Brussels and its residents. As everywhere in public spaces, certain rules do apply – this way campus life remains pleasant for everyone.

Get to know our rules and regulations