Calculation tuition fee

From the moment you complete your enrolment, you owe the VUB a tuition fee. You receive an invoice for the owed amount on your VUB e-mail account.

The tuition fee consists of a fixed amount and a variable amount:
  • the fixed amount is a fixed cost which is paid once per academic year
  • the variable amount is a specific amount per credit you take up in your programme.

Your tuition fee is calculated like this:
the fixed amount + (the variable amount x the number of registered credits)

The amount that you will pay for the fixed and the variable amount depends, among other things, on:

Calculation examples

A non-EEA student who enrols for a Bachelor in Social Sciences in 2023-2024 will pay a fixed amount of:
€ 1.584 and (€ 45 x 60 credits per academic year): € 1.584 + € 2.700 = € 4.284 total for 1 academic year.
There are 3 years in the Bachelor programme, each made up of 60 credits, in the form of courses.

The rules that apply to the tuition fees, can be consulted in the Teaching and examination regulations (see from article 'calculation of tuition fees').

Tuition fee invoice and payment

How will you receive the invoice?

On your VUB e-mail account. Reminders, notifications and/or registered items will also be sent per post to your address of domicile.

When will you receive the tuition fee invoice?

We start sending out invoices during the month of September. Don't worry if you haven't received/paid your tuition fee invoice by the start of the academic year, you can still start your studies.

Do you qualify for a study allowance from the government, but you've been charged the full amount?

If this is your first year at VUB, please contact the Student Administration so they can put you on the reduced amount until 1 May. By that time you need to provide proof of approval for the study allowance of the Flemish Government.

If you are getting payment reminders from VUB, please contact Financial Support to see if they can change your invoice.

Why does my tuition fee invoice only show the fixed amount?

You probably hadn't registered any courses at the time when the invoice was sent out. A separate invoice will follow after you've taken up credits by registering courses.

Did you receive multiple tuition fee invoices?

You might have registered your courses at different times. The calculation happened in between these registrations, and thus you were billed separately.

What is the amount of €55 for?

It is the additional administrative cost we charge in case we didn't receive your payment in time.

How can I see how much I still need to pay?

You can consult the tuition fee due at all times in the Student SelfService, under main menu>financial account > account balance.

How can I see if the VUB has received my payment?

You can consult the tuition fee due at all times in the Student SelfService, under the tab main menu>selfservice>campus finance.

Can I pay the tuition fee in instalments?

EEA-students can opt to register their 1st and 2nd semester courses separately, thus being charged about half in the first semester, and the other half in the second semester.

Non-EEA students have to register for 54 credits to qualify for a residence permit, so they have to register all their courses in the beginning of the academic year, and pay for them in full, at once.

All about financial support

Pay your tuition fee

You pay your tuition fee via bank transfer. Some students can also pay for them via SME portfolio or training vouchers.

Payment via bank transfer

All information you need for this is indicated on the tuition fee invoice that you will receive in PDF format via your VUB e-mail. you can access your VUB e-mail as soon as you're completely enrolled and have activated your VUB account.

Payment via SME portfolio

Training vouchers for employers are available through the SME portfolio (page in Dutch). The VUB is an accredited education provider with the code: 

  • DV.O103793 for bachelors, masters and these permanent training programmes: Tabakologie (VRGT), Relatie- en gezinstherapie, Psychodiagnostiek bij Kinderen, Psychodiagnostiek bij Volwassenen, Eerstelijnspsychologie, Psychotraumatologie, Klinische Neuropsychologie and Arbeidsgeneeskunde.


You will get multiple code-options, so make sure to select the correct code! Otherwise your payment will not be registered correctly.

Also mind the difference between the number 0 and the letter O!

=> The code starts with LETTERS DV.O, followed by NUMBERS 103793.

The application and payment should be done through the employer SME where the student is employed. The procedure for payment by the SME portfolio is done entirely online.

Payment with training vouchers

Handing in the vouchers

 After you purchase training vouchers, you will get an email from VDAB with a 'reservation code' and a 'cheque number'. Forward this email to the Student Administration as soon as possible, so they can register your vouchers.


Never hand in a higher amount of vouchers than is necessary to pay your tuition fee. Refunds are not possible. 

Career Counseling Certificate

The Student Administration does not accept training vouchers of students who have already obtained a diploma of higher education, unless they dispose of a career counseling certificate.

Consequences of late payment

What are the consequences if you don't pay your tuition fee on time?

1. Reminder


If you fail to pay the full amount of the tuition fee due after receiving the invoice, you will receive a final reminder on your VUB email address and via the post at your address of domicile.

2. Additional administrative costs and suspension

  • If you fail to pay the full amount of the tuition fee due after having received the notification, you will receive a formal notice per registered mail and you will be charged with a additional administrative cost of € 55.
  • The administrative services will be limited. Attestation will only be delivered after full payment of the tuition fee due.
  • Re-enrolment for the next academic year will no longer be possible unless the balance is paid before the end of the current academic year.
3. Suspension: consequences for your studies

Non-payment leads to suspension of your enrolment.

  • You are not entitled to benefit from teaching activities;
  • You will not be allowed to participate in the exams.


Any examination results you have already obtained at that point shall be rendered invalid.

Obligation to pay

In no case is the student released from the obligation to pay the amount due. The university reserves the right to recover the amounts due through legal proceedings. The suspension will only be revoked after all the amounts due have been paid.

Students who complete their enrolment by signing the (online) study contract, are always obliged to pay the fixed amount (administrative registration fee). Even if you decide to cancel your enrolment, don't register any courses and/or never go to class.