What's the difference?

With a credit contract you can enrol to take some separate courses at the VUB. These courses can come from any programme within any faculty and can also be combined. 

An exam contract can be chosen if you only want to take the exams. This means that you cannot participate in educational activities such as classes. 

Admission criteria credit contract
  • secondary education diploma is required for admission for a credit contract.
  • You'll also need a positive learning account.

Attention! If you deregister from a course under the credit contract or stop the credit contract, you will not receive any learning credit in return.

Admission criteria exam contract

To be admitted to an examination contract, you must at least have a secondary school diploma.

Apply for a credit- or exam contract

Don't forget to submit your application on time, as deadlines differ depending on your degree (Belgian or foreign).

Start your application here 

In the required documents section, you will be asked to add a filled out form for your credit- or exam contract:

Add this filled out form

The faculty will evaluate your application, and in case of approval you will receive instructions to sign your online study contract and thus complete your enrolment.

Specifically for civil servants: also add your proof that you passed the first series of selection tests (cf. attestation Selor, Talent.brussels, etc.).

Specifically for working students: You can't enrol for a credit contract if you are a working student (official status). You can however select a course that teaches evening classes (if available), for which the catalog number ends with a W.

No transcript of records

If you are enrolled with a credit contract or exam contract, you will not receive a transcript of records. You can only consult your grades in Student SelfService

You can request a credit certificate (this is a written proof of taking a positive exam). You can address your request for this per email to the faculty that offers the course.


Re-enrolling for a credit or exam contract is not possible. You must request permission again every academic year. You can submit a new application for the following academic year via the Student SelfService.