Selection for promotion to level A

The selection process for promotion to level A consists of 3 series of tests. Once you have passed the Selor test series you can proceed to series 2. This consists of 4 tests to evaluate your knowledge acquisition. Prior to sitting these tests you have to take 4 subjects (worth at least 4 ECTS study points) on a master’s programme at a university or college. 1 subject must be in the area of law, economics or government finance and 3 can be freely chosen in consultation with the P&O Director. If you pass series 2, you can go on to series 3.

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If you enrol at VUB as a statutory federal civil servant in the framework of promotion to level A, you enter into a credit contract. Make sure to keep the deadlines in mind if you want to apply for a credit contract. If you pass your 4 subjects, you receive a credit certificate (and not a diploma). 

Enrolment for master's courses under a credit contract needs to be checked against the enrolment requirements (in terms of diploma and prior knowledge requirements). The VUB has decided to open up access to master's courses for federal public servants (and thus to take little or no account of the registration requirements). Nevertheless, the lecturer of the course in question may well assume some (and specific) prior knowledge. You can check this in the course outline.

Admission criteria and procedure

The admission requirements and the application procedure may differ from one faculty to another. You will find them below per faculty. For some faculties, it is best to contact the study pathway supervisor of the programme.

Attention! If you want to take subjects in different faculties, you will need to submit an application to each faculty.

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  • Check the available subjects below
  • Fill out the form to request a credit contract (below)
  • Apply for a credit contract and add the filled out form with the required documents
  • Also add proof that you passed for the first round of selection tests

    How to apply for a credit contract?

MILO / Teacher Training

Contact the study path counselor

Medicine and Pharmacy

Contact the study path counselor

Languages and Humanities

Contact the study path counselor


Contact the study path counselor

Sciences and Bioengineering Sciences

Contact the study path counselor

Psychology and Educational Sciences

Available courses 2023-2024 (Dutch only)

Social Sciences & Solvay Business School

Available courses 2024 - 2025

Law and Criminology
Available courses (only in Dutch)

maximum of 5 public servants per course

first come, first served

Physical Education and Physiotherapy

Contact the study path counselor

Want to know when these classes take place?

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How much does it cost?

If you enrol for 4 subjects with your employer's consent as part of a promotion selection process, the employer will pay the enrolment costs. Approximately 2 weeks after enrolment, we will send you a tuition fees invoice, stating the amount for you/your employer to pay.

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