Programmes organised in evening and weekend classes 

Many programmes at VUB can be combined with work and/or family, because the classes are held in the evening and/or weekend. This applies to all study programmes: bachelor’s, master’s, post-master’s, bridging programmes and preparatory programmes.

Our programmes for working students

Model or tailored path

You don’t have to follow a bachelor’s or master’s programme full-time. You can also opt to spread the course load over a longer period, by going for 25 to 35 ECTS-credits per academic year instead of 60. To give you an idea: 1 ECTS-credit is equal to 25 to 30 hours of study time. You can discuss the subjects to take with your study path counselor.

Contact your study path counselor

Spread out your study over multiple academic years

Keep the work-life balance! Combining work and study sometimes calls for a different study scenario. Consult the spreading scenarios of our faculties and the Teacher Multidisciplinary Institute (MILO) will give you an idea:


Just want to take a couple of subjects?

Would you like to take just one or a few subjects out of personal interest or as further training, rather than a full programme? This is possible too. In that case, you can go for a credit contract and get a credit certificate when you finish.

Credit contract

For civil servants

Can you, as a federal civil servant, use the promotion procedure to progress to level A? If so, you must pass 4 subjects in a master’s programme at a university or college. This is also possible at VUB.

Options for civil servants