Belgian diploma

New application with a Belgian diploma

The enrolment period starts on 1 July and ends on 30 September 2022. 

Make sure to apply on time (even before the enrolment period). You can add missing documents at a later time as long as it's before the deadline.

The academic year starts on 19 September 2022 (classes start on the 26th)
Academic calendar

Enrolling for the second semester is possible until 15 February 2023. (not applicable without a Belgian diploma)

It's important to submit your application with all required documents before the deadline. You can finish your enrolment after the deadline. 

Application process with a Belgian diploma

Foreign diploma

New application with a foreign diploma

For students applying with a foreign diploma, the deadline is based on whether or not you need a visa to come study in Belgium.

Non-EEA citizens (incl UK)
  • apply before 1 april 2022 (31 March at the latest)

EEA citizens
  • apply before 1 September 2022 (31 August at the latest)
Non-EEA citizens living in Belgium with a valid residence permit
  • can apply within EEA-deadlines. If your application is automatically denied by mistake, please send a photo of the front and back of your residence permit to our Student Administration

List of EEA countries

Application process with a foreign diploma


You were already a VUB student during the past academic year, and you are re-enrolling?
All about re-enrolling

  • 1st semester - Re-enrol (and register your courses) by the course registration deadline.
  • 2nd semester - If you (only) want to take 2nd semester courses, re-enrol by 1 December.

Re-enrolling, but for a different programme? In this case the regular deadlines for new applications apply.



1 September

Brussels Diplomatic Academy

classes start on 1 September

Brussels Diplomatic Academy


Non-EEA citizens

1 April

EEA citizens

1 September


Guest students

First semester or year courses

18 October 2022

Second semester 

12 March 2023

Interns and PhD-students

apply at least 1 week before the starting date

More info for guest students


No deadline.

You can apply at any time during the academic year.

Apply for a PhD