Enrolment requirements

Check the enrolment requirements for your courses. You always take all the subjects of a lower year before you register subjects from a higher year. Students in a bridging or preparatory programme do not have to take these registration requirements into account. 

No idea what that means? Check this info.

Bachelor of Linguistics and Literary Studies Dutch programmes

Changing your profile, minor or language combination

Taal- en Letterkunde / Linguistics and literary studies

Are you studying Taal- en Letterkunde or Linguistics and Literary Studies and would you like to change your profile or language combination? You can do so by filling in this form before 15 October.

Kunstwetenschappen en Archeologie

In the Bachelor's programme in Kunstwetenschappen en Archeologie, you have to make your profile known in your second bachelor's year. You will automatically be shown the Kunstwetenschappen en Archeologie profile after your re-enrolment. If you wish to choose the Archaeological Sciences profile, you can fill in this online form.


As a student in the History programme, you may still be able to change your chosen minor. You can request this by filling in this online form.

We will notify you when your profile or minor has been changed, after which you can complete your course registration.

Programme changes

Programme changes may take place annually. Some of them are rather limited (e.g. a change of title of a course) and have no further impact on your study path. Others are more drastic (e.g. changes in the number of credits, merging of two courses, creation of a new course...) and can have an impact on the further course of your study programme or year programme.

If a programme change has an impact on your track, you will be informed of it by e-mail at the start of the new academic year.

Programme changes 2023-2024 (Dutch only)

Elective courses and forms

Would you like to take an elective course outside your study programme or at ULB?

All about elective courses and forms

Study path exceptions

Do you want to apply for an exception to your study path?

Request an exception

Spreading scenarios

Working students 

Are you a working student and do you want to spread your studies over several academic years?

Check out our spreading proposals

First year students

First year students can apply for an exception to the standard path in certain situations. Find out who is eligible for a reduced course load and check the spreading scenario for your programme.

Check it out here

Completing programme after a break

Were you previously registered at the VUB for a certain programme, but were you unable to complete it due to circumstances? We will help you further.

Intake file

If you were absent for a longer period of time, the programme may have changed a lot, and the subjects you already obtained often no longer correspond one-to-one with the current programme. We will draw up an intake file for you so that you know what you are starting and which subjects you still need to take in order to obtain your diploma. You can already have a look at the current programme in the online programme outline.

How to request such file?

Read carefully how to request such file. 

International students

Please contact the study path counselors directly via e-mail.

Send an e-mail

Belgian students

Fill in the form 

The deadlines to fill in the form are:

  • September 1 for applications before the start of the new academic year.
  • February 1 for applications for the start of the second semester.

As the inflow file is often a complex custom-made work, and moreover needs to be approved by the programme, this often takes a lot of time. We try to provide you with clarity on which courses you still need to take at least before the start of classes. Do not wait for the decision of the intake file and apply as soon as possible.

Re-enrolment not allowed after study progress decision

All information can be found on this page on study progress.



There are several ways in which the study path counselors can help you. 

Do it yourself!

Before you contact us, you can start with these handy tools: 

  • Do you have a question about your individual study path? We gathered all information on this webpage
  • Do you have a combined enrolment? Check out this webpage.
  • Put together your own individual study path via this online tool.
  • Do you have binding conditions? Then complete this reflection tool.
  • Check out the tips and tricks from Study Guidance on our Canvas page

The study path counselors can be reached via the same e-mail address.  Always mention your name, study programme and student number. If you mention a subject, please also mention the subject code (e.g. 1000043ANR). You can find the subject codes in the online programme outline.



Every week, at fixed moments, you can ask your study path counselor short questions via the chat option of Microsoft Teams. 

Individual appointment

If you have specific questions regarding your individual study programme, please take a look at this page first. Do you still have questions about it or about another subject? Then you can book an appointment using this bookingslink.

Meeting Point Study Guidance

If you have a general question about your study path or about the various guidance possibilities offered by Study Guidance, pop into the Meeting Point! You can drop by without an appointment. Check the opening hours.

Who is who? 

Do you want to reach a specific study path counselor? Be sure to check who can help you with your programme and how and when you can reach them. 

Please use only the email address mentioned above. In order to be able to follow up on the questions of all students, e-mails sent to the personal e-mail addresses will not be answered.

Studietrajectbegeleider Joyce Huvaere

Joyce Huvaere

Study path counselor Languages & Humanities
Studietrajectbegeleider Katelijne Verbeiren

Katelijne Verbeiren

Study path counselor Languages & Humanities
Studietrajectbegeleider LW Jean-Nicolas De Wulf

Jean De Wulf

Study path counselor Languages & Humanities
Studietrajectbegeleider Stijn Ceulemans

Stijn Ceulemans

Study path counselor Languages & Humanities