Elective course

You can request to take an elective course from a different VUB programme or university that's not included in your standard programme. Motivate your choice by referring to your bachelor's or master's thesis for example, and do this:

  • before 15 October for 1st semester or year courses
  • before 28 February for 2nd semester courses


If you wish to take courses from a different school, you will have to apply as a guest student there. For more info and deadlines, please refer to the concerned university's website. If your request is approved, you won't have to pay extra tuition fees at the guest university.

The approved course will be registered by us and added to your programme during the course of the academic year. 

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Elective course outside your programme

We advise you to take these courses via credit contract. They won't count for your study programme, and it won't influence your study progress if you fail these elective courses. If you decide to take such an elective course via diploma contract, you will have to pass it in order to graduate.

Elective course at ULB

Some faculties have a special agreement with French speaking sister university ULB, making it possible to exchange certain courses. If you are not able to register for these courses yourself, you may do this by filling out the correct form for your faculty (see below).

All about exchanging courses with ULB

Psychology and Educational Sciences

Psychology: Both the Bachelor and Master students Psychology can exchange courses with ULB.

Educational Sciences: Students of the Master in Educational Sciences can choose an ULB-course as an optional course of their programme

You can choose from these courses

Other faculties

Students from other faculties who wish to take elective courses, may contact their faculty directly.

Contact your faculty