Overview certificates

Enrolment/registration certificates, student cards or credit certificates, these are just some of the certificates you need as a student. Don't know what exactly you are looking for? Below you will find an overview of all the certificates.

Student card and enrolment certificate

Once you're fully (re)-enrolled at the VUB (signed your online study contract), you will receive your student card by postal mail, accompanied by an A4 document with three enrolment certificates. VUB uses your postal address in Student SelfService (Cali). You can change this yourself if necessary. New students cannot do this yet, and receive mail on their address of domicile. Student card and enrolment certificates are sent out maximum 1 week after completing enrolment (signing study contract).

You will also receive these enrolment certificates via e-mail (secured pdf) on your private e-mail address (new enrolment) or your VUB e-mail account (re-enrolment) in the days after you sign your online study contract.

Download your enrolment certificate

After you sign your online study contract your enrolment certificate is available for download. Log in to the Student SelfService with your VUB account and click 'certificates'. Select 'Enrolment certificate' in the left menu. If you don't have a VUB account yet, just be patient. You will receive an e-mail to activate your account in the days following the signing of your online study contract.

Is your home address outside of Belgium?

Students who applied with an international address will not receive their student card + enrolment certificates by post. As soon as they are registered, they will receive an e-mail to make an appointment to pick up their student card. 

Make an appointment to pick up your student card on campus

Lost or never received your student card?
Make an appointment to pick up your student card on campus

Request for a new student card to be sent to you 

Certificate public transport

If you want to buy a cheaper student pass for public transport, you need proof of your enrolment at VUB. You will need your enrolment certificate to renew/buy your MIVB transportation card or renew your NMBS transportation card. VUB does not need to fill out any documents provided by the transportation company. Your enrolment certificate should suffice.

  • You will receive a paper version of your enrolment certificates (A4 page containing 3 separate enrolment certificates) together with your student card via postal mail.
  • You will also receive these enrolment certificates via e-mail (secured pdf) on your private e-mail address (new enrolment) or your VUB e-mail account (re-enrolment) in the days after you sign your online study contract
  • As soon as you have an active VUB account (wait for the activation e-mail after you sign your online study contract), you can download your enrolment certificate yourself (see tab above). 

*If you are enrolling for a new programme, for example a Master programme after you've finished a Bachelor programme at VUB, then you will also receive the digital registration certificates via your private e-mail address.

More info on the different transportation cards and how to buy or renew them

Scoring list

The scoring list is a certificate with an overview of the results you've obtained, which can be used towards other institutions. This list becomes available after deliberations, same as your transcript of records. After the 1st exam period of the 1st session, this list is only available for students who are graduating early (after the 1st semester). 

Download your scoring list
  • Log in to the Student SelfService with your VUB Account and click 'certificates'.
  • Select 'Scoring lists' in the left menu'.
  • You get an overview of all your scoring lists. Only validated lists (after deliberation) are shown. It is possible that more than one list is available for one examination period, i.e. when more than one committee or program is registered. Click on the scoring list you want to check.
  • Choose a print language to view or download your scoring list. Exemptions and external courses are also included in this list. You can also download your scoring list. Select English or Dutch to open and download your list in either language.

Credit certificate

Do you need a written proof of passing an exam? You can request this via e-mail from the faculty that offers the course. 

Contact your faculty

Duplicate diploma

Do you want to request a copy of your diploma?

This requires a special procedure. If an official copy isn't necessary, maybe a graduation certificate will do (see tab below)? 

I want to request an official copy

Graduation certificate

As soon as you've graduated (when deliberations are over and you've received your transcript of records with the proclamation code), you will be able to view and download your graduation certificate in the Student SelfService. This is not the same as your official diploma, but can be used to prove that you've graduated if your diploma is not (yet) available.

View and download your graduation certificate

Request certificates

You can request a certificate at Student Administration using the online form or by email. Please allow for a processing time of approximately 7 working days. Read below which certificates you can apply for and in which way. Do you want to have a form signed? Then you can send it by e-mail.


You can request the following certificates using the online request form:

  • Enrolment certificate
  • Enrolment certificate with proof of payment of tuition fees
  • Enrolment certificate with attestation of teaching language
  • Duplicate graduation certificate
  • Duplicate student card (if you have lost your student card)


Online request form


You can request all certificates by e-mail (more than with the onlineform). Specify the following in your e-mail:

  • your first and last names (and student number if you know it)
  • which certificate you are requesting
  • for which programme you want the certificate
  • in which language you want the certificate: Dutch or English
  • to which address and/or e-mail address you want the certificate sent

If you want our administration to fill out forms for you, you can also send these documents via e-mail.

Send an e-mail


Do you need your certificate faster? You can pick up the following documents at our desk on appointment: 

  • registration certificate
  • graduation certificate (starting from 2015)
  • student card


Make an appointment

Fill out forms

Do you need our administration to fill out forms for you? Please send the forms via e-mail to studentadministration@vub.be.

Child benefits

Flemish providers can access the Higher Education Database themselves to check whether you're enrolled as a student and how many credits you're taking, so we won't fill out documents for Flemish providers. If you have a provider from Wallonia or Brussels, you can e-mail the papers you need filled out to Student Administration and they will get them back to you.

Public transportation

When you want to buy a transportation card at student prices, you will need to provide your enrolment certificate. We do not fill out any forms provided by NMBS, STIB, MIVB, De Lijn or other. The enrolment certificate you receive when you enrol at VUB is all you need to bring to their ticket desk.