1. Only certain certificates can be sent digitally.

2. Graduates of the current academic year should not request a graduation certificate. This document will automatically be send to your email address within two weeks after the proclamations. If you require a paper version, you do need to request it. (Please note that the digital certificate is a secure pdf with a valid digital signature.)

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You can find this on your student card or Student SelfService. It's 7 numbers and starts with 0.
e.g. 2018-2019, 2019-2020, etc.
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Je zal je inschrijvingsbewijs automatisch ontvangen op je VUB-mail of privΓ©-mail binnen de 48u na inschrijving.
Gelieve eerst je mailbox te controleren alvorens een aanvraagformulier in te vullen.


Your graduation certificate will be sent to your email address automatically after the proclamations. You do not need to apply for this.

Language of certificate
My home address is *


In case of an address change, please request a change of address per email. In this email you must inform the following:

1. your studentnumber;
2. your old address;
3. your new address.

In the event that it is a post address, you are able to edit it yourself in your Student Self Service.

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