Register your courses, step-by-step!

Do you have to register your courses yourself or is this done for you? And (until) when do I have time to do this?

All about course registration

Go through all the steps in the following manual and know that it can take up to 24 hours for your courses to appear in your Canvas dashboard.

Course registration overview CALI
Step 1: Manage classes

Log in to Student SelfService with your VUB account. Click 'Manage classes'.

Are you enrolled for 2 programme?
If you are enrolled in two programmes, for example the preparatory programme and the master, please choose the programme for which you want to register your courses first in the next screen. Once finished, you can register courses for your other programme.

Then continue with the next steps.

Course registration
Step 2: Enrol by requirements

Under 'Manage my classes’, you'll see that you haven't registered for any courses yet. Click ‘Enrol by my requirements’ in the left menu.

Course registration
Step 3: Overview study programme

Here you will see an overview of your complete programme and the graduation requirements applicable.

Attention: Are you enrolled in two bachelor programmes OR two master programmes OR two advanced master programmes? In this case you will have both your programmes listed on this page. You can simply continue to follow the manual.

You’ll see the programme you’ve applied for. When you select your programme or one of the modules, you see which courses you have to take.

Course registration
Step 4: Which courses to register?

Go back to the overview and click on one of the modules to see which courses you have to register.

Attention: courses that are in the list twice have different codes. One code ends with the letter 'r' the other code ends with the letter 'w'.

  • 'R' stands for regular student (= daytime classes)
  • 'W' stands for work student (= evening classes)

Choose the course with the code that is applicable to you. If you are a regular student (i.e. you follow daytime classes), and select a course that is intended for a working student (i.e. following evening classes), you will get an error message later in the process.

You can find the catalog codes of your own courses easily yourself. On this page, look for your programme > scroll down to "academic plans" and select your plan > now you see an overview of all courses > select the right course and you can see the code! 

Course registration
Step 5: Course detail

You now see detailed information of the course you selected.

In the top right corner, select ‘Next’ and select the correct academic year.

Course registration
Step 6: Class selection

At ‘Class Selection’, select the course you want to register.

Course registration
Step 7: Selected course

The first screen you see, is the selected course. Click in the right top corner on ‘Next’ to go to the next step.

Course registration
Step 8: Review class preferences

Now you can Review Class Preferences. Click on ‘Accept’ in the top right corner. 

If you have been granted a permission number to enroll in this course please enter it on this page. If not, you can just leave it blank.

Course registration
Step 9: Submit

Click on ‘Submit’ in the top right corner. You need to confirm once again that you’d like to submit. Before you confirm, check to see if:

  • all courses have the code applicable to you ('r' for regular students and 'w' for work students)
  • you need to register this course yourself
  • if you are sure you want to register, knowing you are taking the credits and will receive an invoice for registered courses

If everything is fine, click ‘Yes’ to submit.

Course registration
Step 10: Confirmation

You’ll get a confirmation: the course has been successfully registered.

Course registration
Step 11: Check registered courses

Click on ‘View my classes’ in the left menu. There’s an overview of all classes you’ve registered so far.

If you notice you've accidentally registered a wrong course, you can deregister (within the deadlines that apply). Instructions for deregistration can be found lower on this page.

Deregister courses, step-by-step!

Deregistering courses yourself is only possible before the applicable deadlines. Please check:

All about course registration

Step 1: Manage courses

Log in to the Student SelfService with your VUB account. In the main menu, click on  'Manage Classes'. Now go to the second tab 'Drop Classes.'

You get an overview of all the courses you've registered. Select the course you want to drop and click 'next' in the top right corner.

Course deregistration
Step 2: Review classes to drop

You will now see a list of the courses you've selected to drop. To confirm, click on the green button 'Drop classes'. 

Course deregistration
Step 3: Confirm

You'll be asked to confirm again. Click 'Yes.' Then you'll receive a confirmation, you've successfully dropped the course!

When there is an error status ( = a red cross) you did not deregister successfully. Read the error message carefully, try to resolve the error and deregister the course again.

Course deregistration

Double-check: which courses are registered?

If you’d like to double-check the courses you’ve registered for, that’s possible!

Course registration
Step 1: Enrol by requirements 

On the main menu on the Student SelfService, you click on ‘Manage Classes’. Choose the third tab: ‘Enroll by My Requirements’.

Course registration
Step 2: Courses

You see the programme you're enrolled in. When you click one of the modules, it shows which courses you have to take. 

Course registration
Step 3: Check course status

Click one of the courses to see whether you're registered. If you notice you've made a mistake, you can still deregister within the applicable deadlines. 

Any questions or issues?

Check the extra tips & tricks or contact us! 

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