VUB account

How to activate my VUB account?

After your enrolment is completed (by signing your online study contract), you receive an email within the hour to activate your VUB account. You manage your VUB account, VUB e-mail address and password in the VUB Password Manager.

You log in with the VUB e-mail address and password you receive in the activation email. After that you will be asked to choose a new password, and confirm by clicking 'change password'.

Your VUB account and e-mail address are ready for use within 24 hours after completing the account request procedure. Both remain valid during your entire VUB career.

Didn't receive an activation email after completing enrolment?

You should receive the activation email within 1 hour after completing your enrolment. This means you successfully signed your online study contract. If you don't receive this activation mail within the hour, please contact our ICT Helpdesk.

Forgot your password?

Change your password hereContact the ICT Helpdesk

A few years between your last and current enrolment at the VUB?

Make a new application (with a new/different e-mail address) and contact to merge your new and old account.

VUB e-mails

You will receive all official e-mails from the VUB at your VUB e-mail address. Therefore activate your VUB account, e-mail address plus password as soon as possible so you can read your VUB e-mails.

You prefer to receive all your e-mails in one inbox? You can forward your VUB e-mails to your private e-mail address. 
Read how to do that

Good to know: your VUB e-mail address will in principle remain valid for one year after you graduate.

Log in with your NetID

If you are asked to log in with your NetID, you don't use your VUB e-mail address, but a different username. New students can find their NetID in the activation e-mail for their VUB account.

Your NetID looks like this:
  • a combination of your first and last name - For example Bruce Wayne would become 'bruway'
  • or 2 letters followed by 6 numbers - XX999999
Look up your NetID

1. Go to
2. Log in with your VUB e-mail address and password
3. Click the icon in the upper right corner and click 'Personalize' ('Aanpassen')
4. Click the menu next to 'Choose Welcome Name' ('Kies welkomstnaam')

=> The first option in the drop-down menu is your NetID.