Course registration in Student SelfService

Only your registered courses in the SelfService are official.

If you only register your courses in Canvas, you can access the course materials but you are not officially registered for them. You won't be allowed to take the exams or gain credits for these courses. So make sure to officially register your courses in the SelfService, before the deadline.

Once you successfully register your courses in the SelfService, they will appear automatically in your Canvas-dashboard. 

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Register your own courses or is that done for you?

Students are required to register their courses to be able to participate in the exams. Most students are responsible for the registering themselves, although there are a few exceptions.

When you register them yourself
  • Students with a diploma contract (regular enrolment)
When the faculty registers them for you
  • Students with a credit contract
  • Students with an exam contract
  • Students doing the Educational Master (more info is sent via e-mail after your enrolment)
  • Incoming exchange students
  • Guest students
The Researcher Training & Development Office registers

When can you register courses?

Fully (re-)enrolled? Register your courses.
  • From 16 August 2022 opening course registration
  • until and including 15 October 2022 for 1st semester courses and year courses
  • until and including 28 February 2023 for 2nd semester courses

Attention: After these deadlines you will need the explicit permission of your faculty dean to still be allowed to register (or deregister) courses.

(De)register courses after the deadline?

After the deadline, the dean decides whether or not you can still add or cancel courses. If you want to submit an application after the deadline, this is only possible if you request permission from the dean of your faculty.

Request an exception

Temporary course registration

Is your official course registration not complete, but you need access to courses and materials to start following classes? If you are completely enrolled and you have activated your VUB account, you can temporarily register courses in Canvas. But be aware: this does not replace the official course registration.

Register courses temporarily

Register courses yourself

This is only for students who have to register their own courses. Remember that only courses you register in the Student SelfService are official (only in Canvas is not enough). So make sure this is in order before the deadline. They will automatically synchronise with your Canvas dashboard.

Manual course registration

Different class groups

Some of our classes (lectures = “HOC” and tutorials/practice groups = “WPO”) will be organized in groups or in a rotation system. This is mentioned in your class schedule.

It is important to book your seat for these group sessions on the canvas page of the concerned course. Teachers will create different groups there, and you can check what group you're in or sign up for a specific group yourself. In some cases, you will automatically be assigned to groups in alphabetical order. 

Are your courses not officially registered yet, but do you want access to the courses in Canvas?
Then you can temporarily register courses in Canvas (this does not replace the official course registration!)

Sign up for a group yourself
  1. Log in on canvas (with your vub account)
  2. Navigate to the course(s) concerned
  3. Click on 'persons' in the left sidebar
  4. You see the group division on top in a new tab (for example "WPO groups")
  5. Click on this tab to reserve your seat in a group
Check what group you're in
  1. Log in on canvas (with your vub account)
  2. Click on 'groups' in the left sidebar
  3. Click on 'all groups' at the bottom of the screen to get an overview of which group(s) you're in

If groups have not been drawn up or posted yet, contact your teacher to find out when the first class will take place and how you can participate (on campus or online).

Elective courses

Are you taking an elective course within your programme, outside your programme or at another university? Or maybe you have to select your specialisation? Use the correct forms provided by your faculty!

Elective courses and forms

Deregister courses

Deadline to deregister courses
  • for 1st semester and year courses: 15 October
  • for 2nd semester courses: 28 February

You can only deregister courses until the deadline has passed.

Manual deregistering courses

Want to deregister courses after the deadline? You'll need to request an exception.

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Study path exception

Want to obtain an exception on your study path? Submit a motivated request. The study path counselor will discuss this with the dean, who makes the final decision.

Reasons to ask for an exception:
  • Overruling of pre- and corequisites
  • Exceeding the maximum amount of ECTS or credits (take on more than 72 ECTS)
  • Apply for a programme after the deadline
  • Register or deregister for courses after the deadline
  • Combining a base programme with (part of) a master programme

Once a decision is made, you will be notified via e-mail.

Faculty Psychology and Educational Sciences

Request per e-mail before 1 November (only for lecture courses)
If you don't agree, request an exception directed at the dean.

Other faculties

Request an exception

Impact of course (de)registration

Registering courses can impact your child support, tuition fees, study grants and learning account. The same goes for deregistering courses.

Paying for registered courses

When you register courses, you will receive an invoice for the credits you took on. If you register extra courses at a later time (before the deadline), you will receive a new invoice for the added credits.

If you deregister for courses before the given deadlines, you won't be charged for them - or even reimbursed. The deadlines are:

  • Before 1 December: 1st semester or year courses
  • Before 16 March: 2nd semester courses

More about deregistering courses
More about tuition fees

Child support and benefits

To qualify for child support:
  • you need to be enrolled for at least 27 credits in total.

That means your course registration or deregistering courses will impact whether you qualify for child support or not.

Learn more about the Growth Package from the Flemish Government

Or Contact Financial Support for more info.

Impact on your learning account

The number of credits that you register for is deducted from your available learning account when enrolling in a initial bachelor’s or initial master’s programme or credit contract in Flanders. Any changes to your study programme can have an impact on your learning account. 

All about your learning account

Are you making sufficient study progress?

As a VUB student, we expect you to obtain credits for at least 60% of the credits you've taken on each academic year.

All about study progress

In case you don't meet these conditions, the examination board will impose you with binding conditions at the end of the academic year or will refuse your re-enrolment for the same programme. If your study progress then doesn’t live up to these binding conditions, the exam commission will refuse your re-enrolment in the same programme.

Do you qualify for a study grant?

To qualify for a study allowance from the Flemish Government, you need to be enrolled for at least 27 credits (exception: diploma year). This allowance is available for Flemish students only.

All about the Study Allowance from the Flemish Government

Do you need a residence permit?

All international students and scholars planning to stay for a period that exceeds 90 days must apply for a residence permit (Belgian ID card) at the commune in which they will reside. Non-EEA students residing in Belgium temporarily as students, have to register for a minimum of 54 credits. All enrollments containing less than 54 credits is the discretionary power of decision of the Immigration department/commune. For more information, check out the enrolment procedure for foreign students.

What if you have exemptions?

Based on previously acquired credits, you can request exemptions for certain courses. These exemptions have to be registered in your study programme.

All about exemptions

Registering courses in case of exemption(s):

You've requested or received an exemption. How do you continue with course registration in the Student Selfservice? Find all information per faculty below.


You register your courses in the Student SelfService. The exemption is processed afterwards.

MILO Educational Master

The faculty registers your exemption. You don't need to register for the course.

Law and Criminology

You can submit maximum 1 request for exemptions per academic year.

Sciences and Bioengineering Sciences

You register your courses in the Student SelfService. The exemption is processed afterwards.

Psychology and Educational Sciences

You register your courses in the Student SelfService. The exemption is processed afterwards.

If the exemption has already been granted, the faculty will register it.

Languages and Humanities

You register your courses in the Student SelfService. The exemption is processed afterwards.

If the exemption has already been granted, the faculty will register it.

Social Sciences & Solvay Business School

You register your courses in the Student SelfService. The exemption is processed afterwards.

Medicine and Pharmacy

The study path counselor registers the exemption for you. You don't need to register for the course.

Physical Education and Physiotherapy

You register your courses in the Student SelfService. The exemption is processed afterwards.