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I can't check my class schedule via the iPhone app

You can't see your timetable while using theΒ WeAreVUB StudentΒ iPhone app? Don't worry, we can help you! The timetables don't work on the standard browser of an iPhone, meaning you get stuck on the last step. You can easily fix this by downloading Google Chrome, which you can find in the App Store.Β 

Nothing happens when I click on 'View timetable'

Users of Mac computers and Mac browsers might experience this. When clicking the 'View timetable' button, a new window is opened by default.This option is usually blocked for Mac browsers. The solution: Use Microsoft Edge or allow pop-ups in your Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser. De oplossing:Β Gebruik Microsoft Ede of laat pop-up vensters toe in je Chrome, Firefox, of Safari browser.

Different class groups

Are there different class groups in your class schedule, and you don't know which one you belong in?

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Your class schedule in iCalendar

With iCalendar you can
  • chose elective courses while taking compulsory courses into account
  • have a clear overview on the courses you need to take combined with your personal agenda
  • have fully updated time schedules, with both changes and new additional lessons

Manual (Dutch only)

Your class schedule in Office365

Subscribe to the VUB Calendar feed in Outlook

Integrate your class schedule in your Outlook calendar. This feed is updated multiple times a day.