How do I compose my individual study path?

You can easily create your individual study path usingย this form (Dutch) or get started with this handy infographic.

Compose your individual study path

Please note that for some faculties there is an additional faculty rule.
Medicine and PharmacyEngineering

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Amount of courses and credits per academic year

When you follow the standard study path, an academic year usually consists of 60 ECTS credits. When you follow an individual study path, you can partly determine the amount of credits you take in one academic year. However, you need to take the following into account:

  • You need to be enrolled for a minimum of 27 credits per academic year to keep your child benefit and scholarships.ย More info and exceptions
    Attention: If you have a residence permit, you have to take minimum 54 ECTS credits!
Enrolment requirements

In order to be eligible to take a course, you usually have to meet certain enrolment requirements. These requirements can be both pre- and corequisites.

  • Aย prerequisiteย is a course of which you have shown that you have mastered the competences attributed to it before being able to enrol for a subsequent course.
  • Aย corequisiteย is a course that, if you have not passed it yet, you must enrol for together with a subsequent course.

Besides these prerequisites and corequisites, some courses may need anย additional enrolment requirement. For these courses you must already have passed a minimum of credits during your study path.

You can find the enrolment requirements for your programme, on the webpage of your study path counselor.

Check your enrolment requirements

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Even balance throughout your study path

It is important that you create a good balance between the first and second semesters. Put together your study path so that the two semesters are roughly proportionate.ย 

Do you have questions about this? Follow a group session organized by yourย faculty's study path counselors.

Partial grades

A partial grade is a result you obtain for a certain part of a course. Partial grades are not transferred to the 2nd session, nor to a following academic year, unless otherwise stipulated. If a partial grade can be transferred to a following academic year, it is a partial exemption. You can ask the professor whether your partial grade can be transferred to the next academic year. Please note that, the next academic year, you have to register for the entire course, not just one part/parts of it. The credits of the entire course will be taken into account when composing your individual study path for the next academic year.

Attention: not all faculties grant partial exemptions! Check this with the study path counsellor of your faculty!

Class schedule

It is important to check when the classes take place to see if they fit into your study path.

Check your class schedule

Study progress

You have to pass a certain percentage of the total number of credits you take.

Everything on the study progress

Learning account

The learning account is a tool of the Flemish government to monitor your study progress and to encourage you to make a conscious choice of study.

Everything about the learning account


Do you have an exemption for a course? This is also important for your individual study path.

Everything about exemptions