You still have to take a number of courses within your bachelor (or preparatory programme), but you also want to take some courses from your master (or another advanced programme) at the same time?

This is possible under certain conditions!

  • You only have to complete a maximum of 30 credits in your basic programme (bachelor, preparatory or bridging programme, master). 
  • You’ll take all your final courses and will graduate in your basic programme this academic year

Note that all other rules regarding the composing of your individual study path still apply. You can only take a maximum of 72 credits per academic year and you have to meet the enrolment requirements of each course. 

Additionally, keep in mind that your study progress will be calculated for each programme individually.

Attention!  There might be some different rules at your faculty. Check the specific page from your study path counselor for more info.

Combined enrolment when you meet the requirements

  1. You re-enrol in the basic programme in the Student Selfservice. Log in with your VUB mail and password. 
  2. To apply for the additional programme after re-enrolling, click on the button 'Admissions and (Re-)enrollment'
  3. In the menu on the left, select Combine.
  4. Check the filter options (language & evening classes) and select what applies to you.
  5. Choose the programme you wish to enrol for.

    ! Is the desired programme not among the possibilities? Then you have to apply for a new programme.
  6. If you have to make a choice (for example a major) in the programme, you'll see the options now. 
  7. Confirm your choice.  You can now sign your study contract there.
Combined enrolment step 1

You don't meet the requirements?

If you have a good reason to deviate form these guidelines for your individual study path, you can submit an exception request in which you provide the dean with a detailed justification

  1. Fill out the online application for your basic programme in SelfService. Login with your VUB e-mail and password. Register your courses from your basic programme. 
  2. Request an exception from the dean before the application deadline.
  3. Log in to the Student SelfService and select 'application and (re)enrolment' to submit a 'new application'.
  4. Start following your courses until you get an answer from the dean. In the meantime, you can get access to the courses on Canvas. Attention: this is not the same as officially registering your course


Student card

Even though you are enrolled in two programmes, you will only receive one student card.

Enrolment certificates

You will standard receive enrolment certificates for the basic programme that you follow. This proof of registration is sufficient for all necessary purposes, for example to request your public transport season ticket.

If you still want registration certificates for the additional study programme, you will have to request this.
Request a certificate

Tuition fee

For the purposes of calculating the tuition fees, the enrolments of a student for one or several programmes and for one or several course units under a diploma contract and credit contract will be treated as a single enrolment. All ECTS-credits will therefore be added together.Check the exact amounts

Deviating from the general rule

Deviating from the general rule, enrolments in the following programmes will be treated as individual enrolments (and not as additional enrolments):

  • enrolment for (a preparatory programme for) an advanced master’s programme;
  • enrolment for a PhD;
  • enrolment for a postgraduate programme;
  • enrolment under an exam contract with a view to obtaining ECTS-credits;
  • enrolment under the form of an exam contract with a view to obtaining a degree.