How can I apply?

You can submit your application online via our website. Make sure to check all general information about applications, including the deadlines, required documents, language requirements and what the application process looks like.
=> Start your application here

Will I get accepted?

It's not possible for us to tell you ahead of time if you will be accepted, that's what the screening process is for. Please don't send us any documents to check, but just submit your application online and wait for our admissions team to process it. 

All admission requirements and deadlines can be found on our website, and on each programme page you'll also find their specific admission criteria.

Are there scholarships available?

There are a few scholarships available, but please be aware they are quite specific and the deadlines to request them are early.

=> Please find an overview of the available scholarships here 
=> Please find our offer of financial support here 
=> Get an idea of how much it costs to study in Belgium for 1 year

Can I transfer my credits from another school to VUB?

If you've finished your programme and you wish to start a new programme at VUB, all you have to do is apply. Our admissions team will screen your application and decide whether you can start at VUB. Make sure to check the application and programme requirements on our website.

If you wish to transfer to VUB while your programme is still in progress: Credits will not be automatically transferred. You will have to start the programme from the beginning, and you can request exemptions (without any guaranty) for courses or credits you've already obtained at your previous school.

Can I start in the 2nd semester?

Only students applying with a Belgian diploma can apply for the 2nd semester, which starts in February. Other students can only apply for the start of the academic year, which is in September. 
=> All about starting in the 2nd semester

Can I defer my acceptance?

We do not offer deferrals. If you wish to postpone your application to the next academic year, you will be able to submit a new application once the admissions for the next academic year open. Please bear in mind that you will be required to pay the application fee again, but that your application will be processed more quickly.

Online application process

How long will it take?

We start screening your application as soon as we receive the application fee, and the entire process can take up to 10 weeks. You will be updated via e-mail throughout the different steps in the application process.

=> Application process with a foreign diploma
=> Application process with a Belgian diploma

I've made a mistake in my application, can I change it?

If you've applied for the wrong programme, you can submit a new application (before the deadline) for the correct programme and simply ignore the 'wrong' application. 

If you want to change your personal information after submitting your application, you can e-mail the corrections to and make sure to mention your full name and the application number (stated in your overview), so our admissions team can change your file.

If you've added the wrong document(s) or documents are missing from your application, you can simply e-mail them to and make sure to mention your full name and the application number (stated in your overview), so our admissions team can add them to your file.

I'm unable to submit my online application

Make sure all required documents are uploaded, otherwise you won't be able to submit your application. To see which documents are required and what we need exactly, please check the required documents page.

If you're getting an error or you're having technical difficulties, please contact Student Information via or 02 629 20 10.

I already have an account but I can't log in anymore

If you forgot your password, simply click 'forgot your password' to reset your password via e-mail.

If you submitted your application using our previous application tool, your application will be processed just the same and you will be updated via e-mail throughout the screening process. Since February 2024 we are using a new application tool. If you haven't submitted your application yet, just go ahead and create a new account in the new environment to submit your application.

How can I cancel my application?

If you want to cancel your application, please let know that you no longer wish to follow up on this application. Stop following up on any e-mails or instructions that are sent to you and make sure not to sign the study contract (if offered) so you don't accidentally enrol for the wrong programme.

How can I submit a new application from the Student SelfService?

If you are already a student at VUB, and you wish to submit a new application, you can use the Student SelfService for this. You can skip the first part where you create a new account, and just start by clicking 'new application'. 
=> Application manual for new applications in the Student SelfService


Which documents do I need?

Find out which documents are required for your application, and detailed information on what exactly each document entails. 
=>  Check the required documents here

How strict are the language requirements?

Before you can be accepted, you will have to meet the language requirements in Dutch or English, depending on the programme you're applying for. There are different ways to prove your language proficiency, we only need one of them. The different proof of language proficiency mentioned on our website are the only ones we accept. Other tests or forms of proof are not accepted.

There are no preparatory language programmes available. As long as you don't meet the language requirements, you cannot be accepted.

=> Find the language requirements for Dutch & English here
=> Check which document you need to provide as a 'language certificate' in the application tool

Can I apply without all the required documents?

The online application tool will not let you submit your application if there are any documents missing, so it's best to submit your application once you have all the necessary documents ready to go.

Exception: The only document you can leave 'blank' during the online application is the language certificate. If you are still waiting for your language test (results) for example, you can send this in later (but before the application deadline) to mentioning your full name and date of birth. Only non-EEA students can send the language certificate in after the application deadline (31 March) and at the latest on 30 June (before 1 July).

Exception: If you are waiting to take a mandatory calibration test or the entry exam to study medicine, but you want to submit your application earlier so you can request student housing: Please add any empty document instead of the requested proof, and make sure to send the missing documents in later, but before the application deadline. If you don't want to request student housing, please just wait and apply once you have all the required documents.

I don't have my diploma yet, can I apply?

It's best to apply as soon as possible, even if you haven't yet obtained your degree or diploma. When you are in your final year you can upload an enrolment certificate instead of your diploma during the online application. Make sure the expected date of graduation and the official title of the diploma are mentioned on this document.

Can I add documents after my application?

If you've already submitted your application, but you wish to add extra or missing documents: Please e-mail your documents to and mention your full name and application number (stated in your overview), so we can add them to your file. The sooner we have all your documents, the quicker we can process your application. 

Make sure all required documents are sent in before the application deadline, or your application won't be processed. There's one exception: Non-EEA students can send in the language certificate after the application deadline (31 March), and at the latest on 30 June (before 1 July). Don't worry if you sent in your documents and you haven't heard back from administration yet, as long as you sent them in on time they will be processed and you will be updated via e-mail.

Did you receive the documents I sent via e-mail?

If you've sent in some extra/missing documents via e-mail but haven't heard anything from our Administration, please be patient. The processing of these documents takes time, and during the application period it can get very busy. Our admissions team is working as fast as they can to process your e-mail and add them to your file. Please refrain from re-sending your e-mail, since that will only place your e-mail at the back of the queue. As soon as your mail has been processed, you will be updated via e-mail.

Please note that the entire application process can take up to 10 weeks.

Do my documents have to be translated or legalised?

Documents need to be translated by a certified translator if they are not available in English, Dutch, French or German. They don't need to be legalised for your application.
=> Find more information about translating your documents here

Application fee

How can I pay the application fee?

After submitting your application, you will receive an e-mail with the necessary payment instructions. This e-mail can take a few days but don't worry: the application fee doesn't need to be paid before the application deadline (but does have a payment deadline mentioned on the invoice). The payment can only be made via bank transfer.
=> Please find more information on how to pay the application fee here.

Did you receive my payment?

Please don't send us proof of your application fee payment, as these e-mails weigh down our mailbox unnecessarily. You will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail once our administration processes your application fee and updates your application status. 

Please note: your application fee can be paid & confirmed after the application deadline. As long as your application was submitted before the deadline, you are good to go. If you made the payment and haven't received a confirmation e-mail within 4 weeks, please contact our administration via

I paid too much, can I be refunded?

The application fee is non-refundable, even if you pay too much by mistake. When you are accepted and decide to enrol, the entire paid amount will be deducted from your tuition fee invoice.

I paid the application fee too late

If you miss the payment deadline mentioned on your application fee invoice, your application will be closed and the only way to move forward would be to submit a new application (if the application deadline hasn't passed yet), followed by a new application fee invoice. If you make the payment after the payment deadline, there is no guarantee that our Administration will still process your payment and continue screening your application. It would be at your own risk.

Can you waive my application fee?

The application fee can only be waived if you are a recognised refugee (official status) or you qualify for temporary protection in Belgium. In this case please contact our International Relations Office

For any other situations, please be aware of the total costs of studying for 1 year in Belgium.

Application status

Did you receive my application?

Once you have submitted your application, you should be able to see it by clicking the 'overview' button in the application tool. An automatic e-mail will also follow in the next 24 hours, confirming the submission of your application. The application fee invoice follows (in the days) afterwards, and can be paid after the application deadline. 

What is my application status?

You will be updated via e-mail throughout the screening process, each time your status changes.

What does the status 'Awaiting manual review' mean?

In your application overview, the status will remain as 'awaiting manual review'. This is normal, and will not be updated until you are ready to sign your study contract. Throughout the screening process, you will receive updates via e-mail. Please be patient, as the entire screening process can take up to 10 weeks.

=> See the different steps when applying with a foreign diploma
=> See the different steps when applying with a Belgian diploma

I haven't received a status update in a long time

If you feel like it's been a long time since you last received an e-mail with an update of your application status, feel free to contact Student Information via or 02 629 20 10.

If you were asked to send in extra or missing documents, and you have successfully sent them to, please just be patient and wait for a reply from our Administration. When it's busy, it can take a while to process all the e-mails and documents, but you will be updated as soon as they process your documents and add them to your file. Sending new e-mails or reminders will place your e-mail back at the end of the queue. 

Please note that the entire application process can take up to 10 weeks.

My application was wrongfully denied

Is the reason for denial that you've missed the application deadline?
=> Check if you applied for the correct academic year. If you made a mistake, go ahead and submit a new application for the correct academic year and just ignore the 'wrong' application.
=> If you are a non-EEA citizen with a valid residence permit, please send a photo of the front and back of your residence permit to our Student Administration. If approved, they will manually reopen your application.

How do I verify my diploma?

In your conditional acceptance letter, you will be asked to verify your previously obtained diploma (unless you are applying with a Flemish diploma). Your diploma can only be verified once you've obtained it, so please don't send in verifications when you haven't finished your programme yet. Once this verification is cleared, your enrolment will be finalised by our administration between July and October, and you will be able to sign your study contract to officially enrol. 
=> Find out how to verify your diploma here

How do I sign my study contract?

When your study contract is ready to sign, you will receive an e-mail to let you know during the enrolment period starting on 1 July (signing your contract is not possible before this date). 
By clicking the 'overview' button in our application tool, you should see that the status of your application indicates you can sign your study contract, and you can click to proceed with the digital signing of your study contract. Afterwards you'll receive an e-mail update confirming your study contract has been signed. 
=> Find out what the next steps are after signing your study contract.