Financial support

Available for students who meet the academic and nationality requirements.


There are several scholarship programmes available, but please be aware the application deadline is often quite early and the requirements are usually very specific. Discover the offer and find out all the details here:

Scholarship programmes

For more information and help
contact the International Relations Office

Emergency support

Available for international students (+ exchange students) who meet the academic conditions.

Other forms of support

Available for all students.

Menstruation pack


Together with bioshop Fรคrm Hankar and Caritas, we offer menstruating students a pack with durable menstruation products (value: โ‚ฌ 50) if they have trouble buying these every month.

Social and legal support

"Will I lose my child benefit if I work?" 

โ€œI work during the academic year. Do I now have to pay taxes?"

โ€œI want to stop studying. What consequences could this have?"

You can contact the staff of Social and Legal support for information and social-legal advice regarding child benefit, taxes, halting your studies, working and studying, etc. For information specific to international students, the VUB International office can help you out.  

Consult the website for basic information on the most important social-legal themes that you may be confronted with as a student. You will also find the most current legislation and useful links.  

A place to address your concerns

As a student, you want to study and get your diploma in the best possible conditions. 

You may run into personal, family and / or social problems (eg: conflict with your parents) or you may be confronted with unexpected, practical and administrative problems (eg: problems with the payment of child benefit) 

Together, we will take a look at your situation and search for a solution. If necessary, you will be referred to a suitable service within or outside the university. 

The staff of Social, Legal and Financial support is bound by professional secrecy. Your story is safe and will not be passed on. You can also talk to the student psychologists at our university in confidence about difficulties during your studies. 

Equal opportunities

VUB has a positive outlook on diversity in society, in the offer of study programmes as well as among staff and students. This means we guarantee equal opportunities for everyone, disregarding their gender, social or ethnic background, religious views, sexual preference, age or disability.