Academic coordinator

Professor Waldo Galle is the current academic coordinator of the Sustainability Core Group at VUB. In his own conscientious and diplomatic way, he aims to help steer and shape VUB's sustainability policy. His motto: β€˜I want to do things differently.’

Discover Waldo’s vision and approach.

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Sustainability Core Group

The Sustainability core group is the pioneer of the implemented sustainability policy at VUB. In an entrepreneurial way, these policy officers support the Vice-Rectorates, the faculties, the boards and the GreenTeam in realising all sustainability actions. They meet fortnightly, proactively monitor our sustainability transition, coordinate thematic working groups, and oversee the entirety of sustainability projects.

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The GreenTeam translates VUB's sustainability vision into concrete initiatives for students and staff. These initiatives may relate to climate, environment, biodiversity, etc. The students who are part of the GreenTeam work together to ensure a sustainable campus and actively maintain partnerships with internal and external partners. Curious about their operation and objectives? Read all about it here.

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