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Interuniversity MOOC for instructors

Together with the 5 Flemish universities and the Sustainable Education Centre, we developed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for instructors on the topic ‘Teaching for and about Sustainability'. With this learning module, we want to give the professionalism surrounding sustainability in education a firm boost. The MOOC provides our instructors with a reference point and increases the quality of our sustainable education. This is how we motivate our instructors to work with sustainability in their lessons.

Community Engaged Research and Learning

To develop themselves further in the field of sustainability, our instructors can call on the expertise centre on Community Engaged Research and Learning (CERL). CERL is the umbrella term for education and research, where academic learning goes hand in hand with social engagement. We meet several times each academic year to determine the location of CERL in VUB programmes. We evaluate, for example, what partnerships we can form or how we will take into account different backgrounds and learning needs. We focus on synergies between partners and exchange knowledge, networks, and methodologies. This helps us support our instructors as they take steps towards a university-wide learning community.