Fellows 2024

28 inspiring figures appointed VUB Fellows

Rector Jan Danckaert: “We can only succeed if we remain deeply connected to society”

Winners UDC Career Award 2024

Recipients of 2024 UDC Career Award: Professors Ann Nowé & Geert Angenon

For everything the award stands for: nurturing partnerships and being an inspiration to others

Dave Sirnadet

“If young people don’t engage with politics, politics will engage with them”

VUB political scientist Dave Sinardet advocates democratic and constitutional reform

Nel De Muelenaer voor de verzetshelden

New Chair on Traces of the Resistance at VUB

"The VUB has a historical affinity with the history of the resistance"

Indi en Blue

"Do you dress for how you feel and who you are, or be more discreet because it feels safer?”

Pride Week: Safe Everyday Everywhere

Opening Verzetslaan

VUB commemorates resistance fighters

“Humanity has already proved that very, very evil things can happen”

Agnieszka Holland op Difference Day 2024

Honorary Title for Freedom of Expression for Israeli-Palestinian +972 Magazine and film director Agnieszka Holland

10th edition of Difference Day focuses on independent reporting in times of war, intimidation and polarisation

Jan Danckaert in de Zevende Dag

Rector Jan Danckaert on pro-Palestinian student protests

Flemish universities assess every project using human rights test, rector tells De Zevende Dag

Jennifer Clement

Winner Honorary Title for Freedom of Expression 2023 Jennifer Clement

‘Right now, the world is becoming more and more dangerous for journalists and authors.’

Bette Dam

“Western journalists make too little use of their press freedom”

War correspondent and VUB PhD student Bette Dam

Rasmus Van Heddeghem

Three VUB master’s students chosen for Flemish Future Proef Awards

Rasmus Van Heddeghem wins second prize with plea to use environmental law against climate crisis

 Protest in Brussel

“Democracy is never finished”

VUB political scientists Prof Didier Caluwaerts and PhD student Kamil Bernaerts: political polarisation is no more of a problem than 40 or 50 years ago.

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