Astrid Lahousse

VUB researcher Astrid Lahousse, member of Pain in Motion

What pains do cancer patients experience? And how do they learn to cope with these pains?

Elke Van Hoof

VUB professor psychologist Elke Van Hoof holds the Chair of Coaching for Cancer

β€œCoaching can offer the patient an anchor point throughout their journey.”

Karine Breckpot

Cancer researcher Karine Breckpot became a cancer patient herself

"I will remain the same person I was before my illness."

Kankeronderzoekster Damya Laoui

Damya Laoui researches cancer vaccine against cancer relapse and metastasis

"A combination of different therapies and more personalised therapies are the future "

Cognitief onderzoek

VUB fights fatigue through research on brain activity during cognitive and physical tasks

Research group Menselijke Fysiologie en Sportkinesitherapie (MFYS)

Bart Neyns Diensthoofd Medische oncologie

What is cancer? An interview with Prof Dr Bart Neyns (VUB-UZ Brussel)

Bart Neyns is an authority in the field of immunotherapy

Ann Massie
In the media

VUB prof Prof Ann Massie at No 3 Neurosciences stories 2022

Unexpected Element in the Aging Process Discovered

Ice-Skating in a Village, Hendrick Avercamp, c. 1610 Rijksmuseum

"For medievalers, cold was a real threat"

Bart Lambert, VUB historian late Middle Ages


Study finds ethnic discrimination on Airbnb in Brussels

Tourists with Moroccan name less likely to book property

Vuilnis opruimen

FixMyStreet conquers Brussels hearts but sometimes creates too high expectations

App to report nuisance or even minor crimes to responsible municipal department


VUB-ULB expedition returns from Antarctica with meteorite weighing almost eight kilograms

VUB researcher Ryoga Maeda. "The object came from the asteroid belt and probably plopped down into the Antarctic blue ice several tens of thousands of years ago."

Klimaatverandering bedreigt Tanganyikameer

Climate change threatens Lake Tanganyika in East Africa

VUB researcher Kevin Sterckx: "a very worrying finding"