Eva Smets

Oxfam director Eva Smets: "The doughnut economy was both a Eureka and Aha moment for me."

VUB alumna and honorary fellow presents her book "Shift!"

Ivoorkust op kaart

"We have students every year who are hired by the company they are doing research for."

VUB trade mission to Côte d’Ivoire

Opladen e-wagen

“Autonomous cars without a driver? That’s a pipe dream”

Professor Joeri Van Mierlo on the inevitable rise of the electric car


“We are evolving towards a climate with a wet and a dry season”

Marijke Huysmans on the future of our water

XTC winkel opening

What if … you could buy ecstasy at the pharmacy?

VUB criminologist Steven Debbaut is one of the creators of an exhibition about ecstasy

Smart Village Lab op het Green Energy Park

VUB innovation hub Green Energy Park offers state-of-the-art living labs

“Every VUB research group is welcome to join us”

Hersenscan MRI

“What’s good for the heart is also good for the brain"

VUB Neurologist Sebastian Engelborghs on the State of Our Memory

Handen onder water

Documentaries on VUB research have world premiere at DocVille festival

"You can reach many people with a documentary"

Alicja Gescinka

PACT curator Alicja Gescinska teaches VUB researchers how to write with impact

“Every opinion piece is a hand stretched out to society”

Newsroom of the future

AI debate at VUB: The Future of Journalism

Expert Elisa Hulstaert considers the role of AI in journalism


“A CPAP device isn’t the only possible solution for sleep apnoea”

VUB professor Miche De Meyer advocates for personalised therapy

Groep jongeren

“What can young people blame previous generations for? Nothing”

Fons Van Dyck on his book The Future is Back

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