Are you the doctoral candidate we are looking for at VUB?

VUB is looking for doctoral candidates in various fields! Be sure to take a look at our research portal to browse our research projects and researchers. Do you see a topic you like? Contact a possible supervisor to discuss a possible collaboration.   

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Tips for finding a suitable topic

• Choose a topic and supervisor with which you have a chance of applying for a scholarship.  

• Take a look at our research portal where you can browse research projects and researchers!

• Supervisors are often open to suggestions. Do you have an idea for a topic? Don't hesitate to suggest your favourite topic to a professional in your field.

Profile of a good supervisor

Your supervisor is responsible for guiding you through the process of researching your PhD. Only professors who have the status of Independent Academic Personnel (ZAP) at VUB are eligible as PhD supervisor. If, during your PhD, you have a teaching assignment as an assistant, the head of that department need not necessarily be the supervisor of your research. Nor does the supervisor of your master's thesis become the supervisor of your PhD. As a PhD student, you also offer support to your supervisor. 

The Research Council has developed a 'profile of a good supervisor' with a clear overview of the expectations regarding both parties.  

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Looking for funding?

Do you know your topic and supervisor? Then you can apply for funding for your PhD.

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