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How to obtain funding?

As a PhD student, you can obtain funding in different ways: 

  • As an employee of the university (assisting academic staff or AAP) 
  • Through a personal scholarship from a funding body such as IWT or FWO 
  • Through project-related funding as a researcher for the project you are working on 
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Each option is associated with a particular application procedure, form of appointment, and regulation. Would you like more info? Contact the relevant organisation and discuss it with your supervisor. For more details on contracts and options, you can also contact the personnel department (People & Organisation). 

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Assistant academic staff

You assist the professors of your department in their teaching assignment: you give lessons, labs, workshops, etc. This fills about 40% of your time. In addition, you prepare a PhD and work on your research (60%). With an AAP mandate, you are an employee of VUB for 6 years. Vacancies for AAP mandates at VUB can be found on our vacancy page.

Check our vacancy page

Project and personal mandates

For personal or project-related funding, there are many agencies to turn to. There are different organisations for each discipline. We provide you with an overview of the main funding channels in Flanders and Brussels.


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Funding channels in Flanders and Brussels

Other channels

For other opportunities, please get in contact with your VUB promotor or check out open positions at VUB.

Vacancies at VUB

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