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Online enrolment

Online enrolment consists of several pages that you fill in according to the instructions. The documents you must have on hand for your enrolment are listed in the instructions. 

Apply online

Please note!

If you wish to enrol for an interdisciplinary doctorate, please contact the Researcher Training & Development Office. 

Researcher Training and Development Office

VUB Main Campus Etterbeek
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Elsene
Building M, 1st floor
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Renewed enrolment

The Faculty Progress Monitoring Commission (CDO) decides each year on the authorisation for renewal of the enrolment, after evaluation of the annual progress report. The decision is confirmed by the end of September. Have you been accepted? You will automatically receive an e-mail from the Education and Student Administration. This allows you to renew your enrolment as a doctoral student.   

Important: you must re-enrol every academic year, not only in the year in which you wish to defend your thesis.

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Study fee

• Doctoral students pay € 545,80 in the first year of enrolment and in the year of defence.

• Doctoral students with an agreement for a joint PhD with a non-Flemish institution only pay tuition fees in the year of defence. 

• Doctoral students with an agreement for a joint PhD with a Flemish university only pay tuition fees at the main institution, as stipulated in the agreement. 

Important: you cannot pay the tuition fees for your doctoral study programme with training cheques.