Thursday, 16 May, 2024 - 16:30 until 18:30
VUB Main Campus Etterbeek
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Elsene
Gebouw I, lokaal I.0.03

Increase general understanding of AI and VUB guidelines on the matter

The Generative AI Conversations are organized by Professor Vincent Ginis and visiting Professor Andres Algeba, who are respectively the VUB's artificial intelligence officer and coordinator in generative AI. The purpose of these lectures is to clarify and concretize the VUB's guidelines on the use of this new technology. Attendees can expect a thorough explanation of various aspects of generative AI, including how they operate, their effective use, and ethical considerations surrounding data privacy and biases, among others.

The Generative AI Conversations are aimed at the entire VUB community, including students, faculty, researchers, administrative, and technical staff. Each session includes a presentation, supplemented with testimonials and a panel discussion. In addition to the "The interaction between large language models and the world" lecture on 16 May, the series includes the following lecture:

  • "Large language models and their feedback loop"

The lectures will take place in room I.0.03 of the VUB Main Campus and can be attended both in person and online.