Saturday, 15 October, 2022 - 13:30 until 22:00
Ancienne Belgique
Anspachlaan 110
1000 Brussel
Tickets €7, €10 (suggested price), €13, €16 of €19. It is up to you to decide whether this ticket price fits into your current financial situation... or not. Can you pay a higher ticket price? Great, that way you make it possible for others to pay less.

“Thinking out of the box is exactly how the box thinks. We are the boxes we strive to out-think,” writes philosopher Bayo Akomolafe, speaker at the eighth edition of Ecopolis where artists, thinkers and doers break open our frames. Social, ecological and economic crises force us to think about a radically different way of living.

Can unheard stories help us with that? Stories that link different generations, geographical areas that are far apart or ancient knowledge and technology. Can activism as a form of love take us further than doomsday thinking? "The world is not about to end; we are already living with a different world," Akomolafe continues. Ecopolis brings stories that depict an inclusive and sustainable future for this new world.

Find the full program on the website of Ecopolis.

Crosstalks' highlights

13:30 Minority walk with Omar Fassi Fehri (EN)

The Minority Walk is a tour of the center of Brussels to discover the public space of the capital, told through the lens of how the oppression of various minority groups is still taking place, in different ways, representations, mechanisms and images. (starting point at AB)

13:30 The Brussels of witches: feminist guided walk (EN)

In the 14th century, as we move out of the ‘dark’ Middle Ages and into the Modern Age and the Renaissance, women are plunged into darkness – or rather into the flames of the stake. How were women’s skills and knowledge transformed into acts of witchcraft?  hat does our urban public space reveal about that time… and about witches today? Find out in this guided walk by art historian Chiara Tomalino from L’architecture qui dégenre. (starting point at L'oreille Tourbillonnante, Calder (Corner of Rue du Musée/Coudenberg - 1000 Brussels)

16:00 Panel Colonisation as exploitation of people and nature (EN, simultaneous interpretation NL&FR)

Colonalisation is more than a system of dominance over a population and territory. In this panel discussion, writers and artists from various backgrounds will discuss what this means and will focus on the many narratives that survived colonialism while offering alternatives. They will talk about what the  ’decolonialisation’ movement involves.
With: Dalilla Hermans (journalist, writer, theatre maker), Báyò Akómoláfè (celebrated international speaker, posthumanist thinker, and essayist) Jumana Emil Abboud (Palestinian artist), Mihnea Tănăsescu (political theoretician) and with Olave Nduwanje (writer, lawyer and activist) as moderator.


All speakers are simultaneously translated into Dutch, English and French.


Oikos, VUB Crosstalks, Kaaitheater, AB, Broederlijk delen, Avansa, Kunstenpunt, Brussels Academy, Masereel Fonds, Etopia, Passa Porta, Reset Vlaanderen, Durf2030