Broaden your view of Islam thanks to Critical Thinking within Islam 

Did you know... Islamic philosophy has a huge influence on the Western world? Critical Thinking within Islam is happy to explain it all to you. Critical diversity thinkers, unite! 

In their ideas about Islamic civilization, both Muslim extremists and Islamophobes reach back to an originally 'pure' Islam that was supposed to have come into being 1400 years ago. But in reality it never existed! Islam has never been one block, one movement. Moreover, throughout history it has been nurtured and questioned by a series of influential philosophers and dissidents. Thanks to them, there is today a fascinating culture of debate around Islam that is at odds with the delusion of a "pure", unchanging religion. In today's complex world, it is therefore imperative to offer the correct concept of Islam. This has not escaped the notice of the VUB either. Through the project Critical Thinking within Islam, VUB Crosstalks and Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre offer VUB students like you the chance to learn more about Islamic philosophers and thinkers. They are the founders of a culture based on reason and science and still influence contemporary thinkers. 

Specifically, you can consult online lectures and texts by international thinkers who focus on the rich critical thinking within Islam. In this way, the series makes you aware of those non-Western views and how they led to very influential insights. Critical Thinking within Islam therefore contributes to the appreciation of cultural diversity, something which you as a VUB student naturally also find very important. The project will broaden your view on Islam and promote a society based on inclusiveness! So don't hesitate and go to the website, where you can find the texts and videos! 

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Projectleader: Goedele Nuyttens (VUB Crosstalks) and Mohamed Ikhoubaan (Moussem Vzw)


TEL: 0032 495 93 88 62

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