Share a photo of your overseas experience for the chance to win a prize

Have you done fieldwork abroad? Did you travel for your studies or an internship? Have you done longer-term research in another country? Send us a photo of the experience and what it meant for you, and you could win a prize!

The Go Abroad Photo Contest is organised by VUB’s international relations office (IRMO) and is aimed at students and staff of VUB. Travelling abroad broadened your horizons, it enriched your life. You developed your global friendships and networks, got to know different cultures, you met people from all walks of life, improved your language skills, increased your self-confidence and learned to look at things differently. Your experience also led to more diversity, open-mindedness and tolerance, and better understanding of people and cultures around the world. With the Go Abroad Photo Contest, VUB is putting those experiences in the spotlight.

Does that sound like a description of your time abroad? Do you want to share your unique view of the experience via your lens? Do you have a photo that captures it all and represents your overseas experience? And do you want the chance to win an Interrail Global Pass, giving you seven days’ free travel in a month, or a store voucher for A.S. Adventure? Don’t hesitate, enter the photo contest now!

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You are…
  • A VUBer who has spent time abroad as part of your studies/work/research
You have…
  • A great photo that represents your experience, with which you’d like a win a prize
  • Time to send the photo before 4 March 2021
What’s in it for you?
  • The chance to win an Interrail Global Pass, with free travel for seven days in a month
  • The chance to win a store voucher for A.S. Adventure

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Projectleader: Sander Verhoef



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