Share your opinion about public space in Brussels via Hooray for the essay!

Are you a VUB graduate with a strong opinion about the public space in Brussels? Do you have a razor-sharp pen? Would you like to win prizes? Then Hooray for the essay is for you! 

The public space became very important to many Brussels citizens during the corona crisis. More than ever, it was the place to meet and relax in a period of social isolation. The call for quality public spaces was loud and clear. Therefore, Hooray for the essay chose the Brussels public space as its theme for this year. As a participant in this writing competition, organized by Pilar & deBuren, you can express your raw opinion on this theme. In doing so, you will not only contribute to the debate on public space in Brussels, but you will also have a chance of winning a cash prize of 500 euros and a publication in Rekto:Verso

During the writing process of your essay, you will think of a personal perspective on the public space in Brussels that you would like to share. For example, what does it mean to you to grow up in Brussels' social space? How does this match or clash with the image that people have of Brussels? What can politicians, urban planners, etc. learn from your insights? How do you close the gap between the lived and the conceived space? The more input the competition receives, the better the image of Brussels' public space can be formed. Your participation can therefore make a significant difference. So don't hesitate and register!

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You are… 
  • A VUB graduate with a clear opinion about public space in Brussels
  • Not afraid to share your opinion
You have… 
  • A fluent pen
  • Time until 4 October 2021 to write an essay of maximum 2000 words
  • A free agenda on 9 November 2021 for the award ceremony in Pilar during the event Dinner with the City
What’s in it for you?
  • A chance to win a cash prize of 500 Euros
  • Buckets of fame
  • The winning essay will be published in Rekto:Verso
  • You will have the opportunity to share your opinion with the public

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Projectleader: Gijs Ieven

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