The world needs you. It really does!

Our planet is running out of steam and needs a much more sustainable approach if we are going to be here a little longer. Don't look any further: VUB offers you the perfect project to bring out the climate warrior and entrepreneur in you!

With 'Sustainability: An interdisciplinary approach', we want to encourage students to work as real entrepreneurs and actively participate in the struggle towards more sustainable entrepreneurship. The emphasis here is strongly on cooperation. You work together with your fellow students from different disciplines and with external partners. This year, for example, students entered into a partnership with AMAB, with whom they developed a sustainable type of paper to provide Colruyt with more sustainable packaging material. Every year, the external partners can vary, so that different sectors can be addressed. Besides working out your action plan, discussion tables and lectures are organised throughout the year, all in the theme of sustainability.

It is obvious: also as a student, you can mean a lot in the evolution towards sustainable entrepreneurship! Therefore, an elective like this is not only innovative and challenging, but you are part of an important movement that tackles one of the biggest and most urgent problems of our society.


You have ... 
  • A heart for all things green and eco
  • The desire to discover or further develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • Maybe you already have a nice idea in mind to stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship
What's in it for me?
  • The opportunity to expand your network and collaborate with businesses
  • You take your first steps towards entrepreneurship
  • You can help our planet become greener in creative ways


Contact details

Projectleader: Bieke Abelshausen 


*As an Urban Engaged University, we call upon our VUB community to help build a better world through social engagement. On the "The World Needs You" platform, the VUB collects socially meaningful projects on which students, staff, alumni and sympathisers can collaborate. These projects do not represent the university. The initiatives and communication are the responsibility of the project organisers and do not represent the university's position.