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VUB runs... onwards!

Do you like running? Do you want to support sick people in a sportive way? Or do you just want to support a good cause? Then VUB Runs is something for you!ย 

Running is good for your health and health is the main motivator for many of us to put on our running shoes. Unfortunately, there are also many people who are not able to run, because they are sick for example. That is why the VUB wants to encourage as many employees, alumni, students and sympathizers as possible to run together for the health of others, for a good cause! In addition, the project wants to raise awareness about healthy sports in order to collect money for the VUB-UZB Paul De Knop Fund for immunotherapy.ย 

To bring this challenge to a successful end, the project needs your support. On the VUB Loopt platform, you can let yourself be inspired by one of the running buddies, you can participate in one of the campaigns or you can set up your own action for the benefit of the VUB-UZB Paul De Knop Fund. If you are not passionate about running yourself, you can support the project through a donation or by buying one of the products the project offers. So there are plenty of opportunities! Do as more than 1000 VUB'ers and support the VUB running project in your own way. This way, you make an important difference in the fight against cancer! ย 

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You are...ย 
  • A VUB'er with the heart in the right placeย 
You have...ย 
  • You want to set up a running project or support it financiallyย 
What's in it for you?ย 
  • You make an important contribution to the fight against cancerย 
  • Running is good for your healthย 


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Projectleader: Dirk Van De Wiele