These regulations apply to all open courses organised by the Academic Centre for Language Education - ACTO

These regulations do not apply to the faculty programmes offered by ACTO. The faculty regulations, as recorded in the OER of the Free University of Brussels, are available online.

More details

Course schedules

The ACTO courses adhere to the education, exam and holiday calendars of the Free University of Brussels.

Teaching language

In principle, the teaching language in the courses is the language of the course itself. There may be deviations from this at the primary level, in particular during the first lessons, in which instructions may be repeated in Dutch and/or English.

Entrance criteria

Participants should be in possession of a higher secondary school diploma.

Participants who have not yet taken an ACTO course and want to enrol directly in Level 2 for French and English, will be required to pass an ACTO placement test. The placement test will refer the participant to the course best suited to their level.

For other languages, the participant's level will be determined during the first moment of contact, meaning that a participant could be referred to another level than the one at which they initially applied.


You can only register for an ACTO activity (language programme, test etc.) through the ACTO website. Participants can register up to the closing date listed on the website. Registrations received after this date will be refused. If no closing date is listed, participants can register until the day the activity begins.

Places for courses or tests are limited. Registration will be closed once the number is reached. This can happen before the end of the registration period.

Cancellation of the registration by the participant

The participant can only cancel or change their registration by email (to acto@vub.ac.be).

By cancellation, we mean: deregistering and/or failing to turn up for the ACTO activity for whatever reason, except in cases where force majeure is proven.

When registration is cancelled before the closing date, the participant must pay the amount of 25 EUR for administration costs. The remaining registration fee will be refunded.

When registration is cancelled after the closing date, the full amount of the registration fees remains payable.

Changes to and cancellation of the registration by ACTO

In the event of force majeure (including cases where there are too few registrations, or the course teacher is unavailable), ACTO may cancel a registration. In that case, the full amount of the registration fees will be refunded to the participant.

If ACTO changes the date or time of an activity, the participant may cancel their registration at no cost, and with a refund of the registration fees paid, but will not be entitled to compensation.


ACTO will determine the amount of the registration fees which will be noted per activity on the website.

In the event payment is not received within one month of the date on the invoice, an annual interest of 8% will be due, by operation of law and without further warning, to be increased by the amount of 25 EUR for administration costs.

Any disputes will fall under the sole jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.

Placement test

The placement test will take place on the date and at the location agreed. No exceptions can be made. ACTO may require that the participant identify themselves by way of an identity document bearing a photo.

Final evaluation

There will be a final evaluation at the end of the course. The participant will need at least 10 out of 20 points in order to pass. Some courses include an oral presentation or exercise as part of the final evaluation. The dates of the evaluation moments will be announced by the teacher. Participants are obliged to take part in all components of the course in order to be able to pass.

Participants with a disability who feel they are eligible for individual facilities when taking the test should get in touch with the language teacher no later than three weeks before the test.

Participants who pass the final evaluation can pick up their certificates at the ACTO secretariat.

If ACTO establishes that any irregularity occurred during the final exam, ACTO may take disciplinary measures as provided for in the OER of the Free University of Brussels in addition to the option of banning the participant from any further registration with ACTO.

There is only one exam opportunity per course. The final exam will take place on the date and at the time and location indicated by the teacher. In principle, taking the final exam after that date is not permitted. In the event of force majeure, the participant must get in touch with both the teacher and the ACTO secretariat, on the day of the exam at the latest. Original documents submitted as proof of the force majeure should be handed in to both the teacher and the ACTO secretariat, within three calendar days of the day of the final exam. The teacher will decide whether organising a new final exam is possible. If so, the final exam will be organised within a month.