Thursday, 16 November, 2023 up to and including Monday, 20 November, 2023 - 14:00 until 13:00


Theater, guided Sint-Verhaegen walk, commemoration, and torchlight procession
  • 14.00

    Guided Sint-Verhagen walk with former university archivist (VUB) Frank Scheelings (in French) and with Maria Mejia Sian (in Dutch). Meeting point at the Minerva Fountain on the Grote Zavel.

    Information and registration

  • 17.00

    Moment of Consolation at the Monument of Consolation – VUB Main Campus 
  • 18.00

    Lecture "Traité sur la tolérance" by Les Universités Populaires du Théâtre (lecture in both French and Dutch), Dupréel Hall, Building S, Johannalaan 44, 1050 Brussels

  • 19.30
  • Commemoration, torchlight procession & toast of brotherhood and solidarity offered by l’Union des Anciens Etudiants.
    • The procession departs from the Dupréel Hall (Johannalaan 44) and passes the statues of Théodore Verhaegen and Francisco Ferrer (Rooseveltlaan) before proceeding to Square G (Solbosch campus) and then to the statue of Salvador Allende. From there, the torchlight procession heads to the VUB campus for a tribute at the monument 'De Stap' by the Braem building at 20:45. The procession concludes at La Maison de l’UAE (ULB La Plaine campus) where, from 21:15, we raise a glass to brotherhood.



Commemoration and celebrations
  • 8.00

    Coffee and croissants, at the invitation of the mayor of Ixelles, Christos Doulkeridis.

    Ixelles Town Hall, Elsensesteenweg 168, 1050 Brussels
  • 8.45

    Departure of buses from Ixelles Town Hall.
  • 9.15

    Speeches and floral tributes at the Brussels cemetery at the graves of Théodore Verhaegen, Frans Kufferath, and Henri La Fontaine. Brussels Cemetery, Brussellaan, 1140 Brussels
  • 10.15

    Ceremony and floral tribute at the National Shooting Range - Memorial of the Executed.

    Kolonel Bourgstraat 102, 1030 Brussels
  • 11.15

    Departure of buses to the Brussels City Hall.
  • 12.00

    Joint VUB-ULB session in the Gothic Hall of the Brussels City Hall, at the invitation of the mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close.
  • 13.30

    Toast of friendship in the Militia Hall of the City Hall.

From noon onwards, the students from the Brussels Student Society of VUB and l’Association des Cercles étudiants of ULB will gather at the Grote Zavel, where we will join them. The celebration will conclude on the steps of the Stock Exchange where, around 17:30, we will begin singing the anthems of the universities: Lied van Geen Taal and Le Semeur.