mRNA leading expert Kenneth Chien and Novalis LifeSciences’ Marijn Dekkers investing in EUR 39M Series B2 financing of mRNA technology platform company eTheRNA

Before COVID-19, most people had probably never heard of mRNA. But since then, the development of mRNA vaccines to fight the pandemic has been in the public eye. As this vaccine has shown us, the development of mRNA-based therapeutics is an area of unimaginable potential.

eTheRNA builds on over 30 years of research, and over 5 years of production. The spin-off arose from the Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Therapy of the VUB. Since eTheRNA was founded in 2013, eTheRNA has built an integrated set of proprietary capabilities to provide an end-to-end solution for the design, development and production of next-generation mRNA products.

This new round of funding will allow eTheRNA to expand its expertise and capabilities as a one-stop service to bring RNA-based research and products from the lab to the clinic. According to one of the new investors, Dr. Kenneth Chien, co-founder of Moderna Therapeutics and professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, eTheRNA's specialised expertise and proprietary knowledge in mRNA technologies and cLNPs will lead to new applications in a range of currently untreatable diseases.

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