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Our world rapidly changes and technology becomes more and more specialized. Co-innovation between university, corporate world and other partners becomes therefor indispensable. Often this happens through multidisciplinary research, crossing domain boundaries. Cooperation between companies and VUB can take several dimensions, going from collaborative research, co-innovation, training and consultancy, the use of infrastructure up to and including the licensing of technologies and the creation of spin-off companies.

From research to innovation

VUB counts more than 2600 researchers and produces excellent fundamental research. To foster the translation into innovative products and services, the Industrial Research Fund of the VUB finances research consortia with a strategic roadmap. Their expertise encompasses diverse domains such as materials, transport, energy, food, media and medical applications. During the series on Z-Innovation you can discover a number of these research teams and how their innovations can help move people and companies a great deal further forward.

VUB TechTransfer connects researchers and companies

A company or SME interested in collaboration with VUB or in specific innovative applications, can contact VUB TechTransfer. This team helps you in finding the right expertise and VUB research group and facilitates the implementation of new technologies and know how. They build relationships between the university, business world and society and offer support for project applications or show the way for other forms of cooperation.

Societal challenges

Universities, companies, strategic research centers and spearhead clusters join forces to find concrete solutions for cross-sector, societal challenges such as mobility, food safety, sustainable energy and materials, and high-quality care for everyone. Not only the technological aspect is important here, but a lot of attention is paid to regulations and ethics, and to the users themselves.

Hugo Thienpont, Vicerector Innovation & Industry Relations: 

"In a rapidly changing world where everything is digitalised and technology is getting more and more specialised, co-innovation between university, industry and other partners, is of crucial importance. It leads to fresh perspectives, new skills and groundbreaking solutions to provide an answer to today’s societal challenges. This is only possible with a commitment of all actors, individuals and companies, who do not want to stay on the sidelines but believe that with their ideas, knowledge and dedication they can make a difference for others and thus contribute to a better world.”   

Watch the 10 episodes every Thursday on Kanaal Z, Z-Innovation, after the news (in Dutch, English subtitles).

Watch the trailer on VUB Youtube!

01.10 - VUB: From scientific research to co-innovation - VUB TechTransfer

08.10 - Light as a technology? Photonics gives a boost to companies and society! - Brussels Photonics (B-PHOT)

15.10 - European innovation hub ACTPHAST4.0 shows companies the light - Brussels Photonics (B-PHOT)

22.10 - State-of-the-art technology from bacteria - Han Remaut VUB-VIB Lab, Structural Biology

29.10 - VUB BruBotics: a future where humans and robots work - BruBotics

05.11 - Intelligent monitoring to reduce the cost of offshore wind - On- and Offshore Wind Infrastructure Application Lab (OWI Lab) – spin-off 24SEA

12.11 - An AI test & experience center as an instrument for digital innovation in companies - AI Experience Center

19.11 - Food biotechnology - Industrial Microbiology and Food Biotechnogy (IMDO)

26.11 - Climate: CO2-captation and economic models for chemistry - Chemical Engineering (CHIS)

03.12 - Green Energy Park Zellik: living lab for energy and mobility transition, hospital of the future, smart regions - Evergi, Innovating the Energy Transition

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