Nadine Engels, vice-rector for Education and Student Affairs

Professor Nadine Engels, educationalist and professor at the Multidisciplinary Institute for Teacher Education (MILO), is the successor to Jan Danckaert as vice-rector for Education and Student Affairs. Because of her research expertise and her years of experience as a coordinator of teacher training, she has a great affinity with and expertise on the subject of education. She has worked for a long time with departments of the vice-rectorate of Education and Student Affairs, including in the educational professionalisation programme for new teachers and numerous educational innovation initiatives. She also boasts administrative experience, including as department chair, vice-dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences and chair of MILO. β€œCommitted, inquisitive, connected to the city and the world, embracing diversity: the key concepts for formulating a strengthened educational vision have been given to us by the previous team,” she says. β€œTo make these concepts a reality in terms of quality with our colleagues in the programmes is a great challenge.”

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Together with 3 other vice-rectors, Nadine Engels assists Rector Jan Danckaert at the helm of the VUB. Discover the complete team.  

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