Also the real competition animals will definitely get their money at the VUB.
Student teams can register for a semesterlong indoor football competition "the Student Futsal League" on the Etterbeek and Jette campus.
The student circles then compete each other on Wednesday afternoons in the Sports trophy and the best (top) athletes can then defend the colors of the university outside of their own campus limits at numerous Flemish / Belgian student championships.

On a regular basis, the sports department also organizes specific "health" campaigns to sensitize the students in a playful manner and to convince them to choose a healthy (er) lifestyle.

Being sportive is also worth money at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel because you can request a financial intervention on the purchase of your sports subscription or receive subsidies for the organization of a sporting event.

Student Futsal League

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Sports Trophy

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Flemish/Belgian student championships

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Being sporty is worth money

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Student Futsal League

The Student Futsal League is a semesterlong indoor football competition for student teams of the various Brussels higher education institutions VUB, EHB, Odisee and LUCA.
VUB/EHB students can enroll for the Student Futsal League competition on the Etterbeek campus or on the Jette campus.

In Etterbeek the matches are played on Tuesday between 16 - 18 hours.
In Jette the match days are on Tuesday from 17 - 19 hours.

You can register a team twice a year (always the first 2 weeks of each new semester).

Participate in the Student Futsal League?

Registrate your team here!

Sports Trophy

Eternal fame on the campus is the use of the Sport Trophy, which is organized annually for and by the VUB & EHB student circles.
Throughout the entire academic year, student teams compete against each other in 10 different sports disciplines and compete for the coveted title of all-round sports trophy champion. Almost every week there is a different sports challenge on Wednesday afternoons.
The student association with the highest total score after 10 disciplines and with a minimum of 4 participations wins the Sporttrophy and the corresponding 250 € cash!

Calender Sports Trophy 2019 - 2020
Futsal qualify 23/10/2019 VUB sportscenter Etterbeek
Futsal finals 30/10/2019 VUB sportscenter Etterbeek
Basketball 06/11/2019 VUB sportscenter Etterbeek
Volleyball 04/12/2019 VUB sportcenter Etterbeek
Dodgeball 11/12/2019 Basic Fit sportshall Jette
Swimming Marathon 26/02/2020 VUB sportcenter Etterbeek
Floorball 11/03/2020 VUB Sportscenter
Recreatlon 25/03/2020 VUB Sportscenter
Rugby Sevens 29/04/2020 VUB sportcenter
12 urenloop 06/05/2020 VUB campus Etterbeek

Participating in the Sports Trophy

Submit your team here!
VUB Foxes Flemish and Belgian student champion Football 2017 - 2018

Flemish/Belgian student championships

Under the motto "Sport en studeren, geslaagd combineren", Studentensport Vlaanderen organizes the Flemish Student Championships (VSKs) annually in different sports in which students from the various Flemish universities, colleges or associations compete against each other for the title of Flemish Student Champion.

The Belgian University Sports Federation (BUSF) organizes the Belgian Student Championships (BSKs), the BUSF final day and supports the participation of Belgian students (teams) in international (top) sports events such as World Championships (WUCs) and Universiades (Olympic Games for students).

Are you a competitive athlete and do you want to defend the colors of the VUB?

Join the Foxes!
BSK Oriëntatielopen 20/10/2019 Foret de Soignes
BSK Rugby Sevens 24/10/2019 Kituro Schaarbeek
VSK football Men 06/11/2019 Ghent
BSK Badminton 07/11/2019 Leuven
BSK Cross Country 09/11/2019 Braine L'alleud
World Inter University Championships 13 - 17/11 Pula (Croatia)
VSK Volleyball Men/Women 27/11/2019 VUBrussels
BNParibas Maters U Tennis 29/11 - 01/12/2019 Grenoble
BSK Swimming 03/12/2019 Antwerp
VSK Basketball Men/Women 04/12/2019 Leuven
VSK Futsal Men/Women 11/12/2019 Ghent
VSK Handball Men/Women 12/02/2020 Hasselt
BSK Chess 19/02/20220 Ghent


Monday 31 August, 15:00

Data Subjects in the GDPR and the Protection of Vulnerable Individuals

Publieke doctoraatsverdediging van de heer Gianclaudio Malgieri voor het behalen van de graad van Doctor in de Rechten met het proefschrift getiteld ‘Data Subjects in the GDPR and the Protection of Vulnerable Individuals’

Publieke doctoraatsverdediging van de heer Gianclaudio Malgieri voor het behalen van de graad van...

Tuesday 1 September, 01:00

Online Intensive Course in Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences 2020

Online Intensive Course During the past 33 years, the intensive course in dermato-cosmetic sciences has been organised yearly with a lot of enthusiasm at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. To offer you, as usual, an equilibrated training course given by our European top speakers co...

Online Intensive Course During the past 33 years, the intensive course in dermato-cosmetic sci...

Wednesday 2 September, 11:00

Bijzondere Wetenschappelijke Vorming - zevende jaar

Je bent klaar met de secundaire school, je ambieert een academische opleiding en je wetenschappelijke voorkennis is te beperkt. Wat nu?...

Je bent klaar met de secundaire school, je ambieert een academische opleiding en je wetenschappel...

Sunday 6 September, 10:00

Open day September 6th

Find out all VUB has to offer during the open days of March, April or September. Get to know the professors, ask questions to the study counselors, and hear about student life in Brussels from our student ambassadors.

Find out all VUB has to offer during the open days of March, April or September. Get to know the ...

Studeer je niet vet!

The fatter students become, the fewer points they get at the university. This is shown by a recent study by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. When young people go to university, they can gain upto six kilograms in a few years, because they barely eat vegetables, drink a lot of alcohol and do little exercise. Moreover, these students are also getting worse points.
The VUB sports department calls the alarm bell and organizes the campaign 'Studeer je niet vet!, to sensitize students and convince them to choose for a healthier lifestyle.
To do this, the sports department goes from campus to campus with a group of students from the Fitness and Health department who question students and invite them for a free fitness check (health check).
Some of these students are subsequently followed up by a personal health coach.

Do you want more information about this campaign? Feel free to contact the sports department of the VUB (sport@vub.be) or visit our reception in building L on campus Etterbeek.

Sport je slim!

Most people do sports for the following good reasons: physical activity is a physical, psychological and social benefactor! Scientific research has even shown that we are even smarter! Sports is not only good for your physical health but also for your mind.

Because of exercise, blood and therefore oxygen is sent to the hippocampus (part of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory). This creates new connections between the brain cells and the more connections, the more knowledge and the smarter we become! Increased productivity, a positive self-esteem, a better learning ability and memory, more focus and self-confidence! So pull on your workout gear quickly, because these 6 benefits for your head are all scientifically proven. So: Let's get smart and let's have fun!

Ai, no time to do sports, you say? Are you currently studying hard for the exams? No worries ... the only thing you need for a successful, relaxing sports workout is the following:     

  • wifi to view our 7 minute workout     
  • a wall, a chair and a bottle of water     
  • 15 minutes of your (study) time

7 minute workout

Refund sports subscription

Are you an active athlete but do you not find your favorite sport with the VUB sports department? Or you prefer to sport at home?

Then VUB/EHB students can enjoy a refund of €15* on the purchase of a sports subscription. Whether you join an athletics club, buy a 10 session card for the mlunicipal swimming pool or register for a serie of lessons crossfit, VUB supports your sporting actions.

* refund not valid on and non-cumulable with the Basic Fit student subscription or on our own organized VUB sports offer such as the sports card, jogging card,...)

Sports project subsidy

Do you want to organize a sports activity for fellow students? Then know that the VUB sports department can give your project/idea a financial boost. The organized sports activity must meet a number of requirements to qualify. Project per project is then examined how much support can be given to this.


Refund sports subscription

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Sports project subsidy

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