The Student Futsal League is a semester-long futsal competition for student teams of VUB & EHB.
VUB/EHB students can register for the Student Futsal League competition on campus Elsene or on campus Jette.

In Elsene, the games will be played on Tuesday between 4 – 6 pm.
In Jette, the matchdays are on Tuesday from 5 – 7 pm.

You can register a team 2 times a year (always the first 2 weeks of each new semester).

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Eternal fame on the campus is the commitment of the Sport Trophy, which is organized annually for and by the VUB & EHB student organisations.
Throughout the entire academic year, student teams compete against each other in 10 different sports disciplines and compete for the coveted title of all-round sports trophy champion. Almost every week there is a different sports challenge on Wednesday afternoons.
The student association with the highest total score after 10 disciplines wins the Sporttrophy and the corresponding 250 €!



20/10/2021 FUTSAL QUALIFICATIONS VUB Sportcomplex
27/10/2021 BASKETBALL VUB Sportcomplex
03/11/2021 FUTSAL FINALS VUB Sportcomplex
15/11/2021 SWIMMING MARATHON VUB Sportcomplex
01/12/2021 RACKETLON VUB Sportcomplex
15/12/2021 DODGEBALL Omnisport hall BAsic Fit Jette
02/03/2022 VOLLEYBALL VUB Sportcomplex
23/03/2022 FLOORBALL VUB Sportcomplex
30/03/2022 RUGBY 7'S VUB Sportcomplex
11/05/2022 12 URENLOOP VUB Sportcomplex

Participating in the Sports Trophy

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VUB Foxes Flemish and Belgian student champion Football 2017 - 2018


Under the motto "Sport en studeren, geslaagd combineren", Studentensport Vlaanderen organizes the Flemish Student Championships (VSKs) annually in different sports in which students from the various Flemish universities, colleges or associations compete against each other for the title of Flemish Student Champion.

The Belgian University Sports Federation (BUSF) organizes the Belgian Student Championships (BSKs), the BUSF final day and supports the participation of Belgian students (teams) in international (top) sports events such as World Championships (WUCs) and Universiades (Olympic Games for students).

26/10/2021 VSK Hockey Antwerpen
27/10/2021 VSK Soccer Antwerpen
. VSK Korfbal Antwerpen
24/11/2021 VSK Basketball Leuven
01/12/2021 VSK Volleyball Gent
03/12/2021 VSK Tennis single TC De Polepel
08/12/2021 VSK Futsal Gent
10/12/2021 VSK Tennis single + double TC De Polepel
16/02/2022 VSK Handball Hasselt
23/02/2022 SSV1/2 finals Brussel
16/03/2022 SSV finals Leuven
20/04/2022 BUSF finals Gent

VUB Foxes

Are you a competitive athlete and do you want to defend the colors of the VUB?

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Refund sports subscription

Are you an active athlete but do you not find your favorite sport with the VUB sports department? Or you prefer to sport at home?

Then VUB/EHB students can enjoy a refund of €15* on the purchase of a sports subscription. Whether you join an athletics club, buy a 10 session card for the mlunicipal swimming pool or register for a serie of lessons crossfit, VUB supports your sporting actions.

* refund not valid on and non-cumulable with the Basic Fit student subscription or on our own organized VUB sports offer such as the sports card, jogging card,...)

Sports project subsidy

Do you want to organize a sports activity for fellow students? Then know that the VUB sports department can give your project/idea a financial boost. The organized sports activity must meet a number of requirements to qualify. Project per project is then examined how much support can be given to this.


Refund sports subscription

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Sports project subsidy

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