Restoring an architectural gem

The VUB Rectorate Building is a remarkable work by the Antwerp modernist architect Renaat Braem (1910 - 2001). The protected monument has symbolised the distinctive philosophy of VUB since 1976. The β€˜Cigar' ('Sigaar') presents VUB as an open and tolerant university, the basic principle of which is independent research. Since 2007 it's recognised as a protected monument and today it requires urgent renovation.

500 metres of β€˜reasonable idiosyncrasy’

On the concrete walls of the Braem Building, a homeric epic unwinds over six levels. The architect created these one-of-a-kind murals. On the walls, Braem painted an idiosyncratic world philosophy over a distance of 500 running metres. The paintings depict the creation of the cosmos and the earth, the origin of life, the development of plants, animals, and mankind, the human struggle for freedom to ultimate liberation in an open community.

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2021_Braemgebouw_Ruimte met blauw plafond_Etterbeek_VUB
Braem Building: past, presence and future of a masterpiece

Would you like to know more about the modernist architect Renaat Braem, the architecture he designed for the building, and the murals he painted?

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How many metres of the Braem can you save?

We need € 200 per running metre. Thus far, the support of numerous donors has already helped us collect no less than € 87,500. This will let us restore 437.5 metres of the 500 running metres of murals.

So, we need another € 12,500 for the restoration of the remaining 62.5 metres. Every donation helps. For donations of € 40 or more, you will receive a fiscal certificate.

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Donate € 40 and save 20 centimetres

Donate € 100 and save 0,5 metre

Donate € 200 and save 1 metre

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Please transfer the desired amount to account number BE51 0013 6779 3562 of VUB with the reference GIFTPR7.

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