Departments and research groups

Our faculty has 9 departments, which are mainly oriented towards education and bring together similar disciplines. In addition, we also house various research groups that aim to improve healthcare, focusing on the quality of life and autonomy of each individual. They are divided into 10 scientific research clusters.

Our departments

  • Basic (Bio)Medical Sciences (BMWE)
  • Intersecting Clinical Sciences (CHIR)
  • Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences (FARM)
  • Gerontology (GERO)
  • Health Sciences (GEWE)
  • General Practice and Chronic Care (HUIS)
  • Observational Clinical Sciences (KLIW)
  • Supporting Clinical Sciences (LABO)


Our research groups

The Faculty's research groups are divided into 10 clusters. An overview of the different clusters with the associated research groups can be found below. You can find out more about their research on their respective web pages.

Medical Imaging & Physical Sciences
Research Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases
Development, Ageing and Pathology 
Diabetes, Transplantation and Pathology
Liver, Cell Biology and Toxicology 
Oncology Research Centre
Pharmaceutical Research and Data Technology
Public Health
Reproduction – Genetics & Regenerative Medicine